Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

What Is Cloud Computing?

     Cloud computing is a buzz phrase for, “doing your computing work on someone else’s computers“. We were doing what amounted to cloud computing in 1985 when we introduced our Unix Time Share service.

     We do offer cloud computing facilities as part of our Visual Shell Service in the form of ownCloud.  You need an account here to utilize these services.

Our Visual Shell Service

     We call our service a visual shell service because our service parallels and includes traditional Linux shell (command line) access, but also includes full visual graphical access with sound, mouse, keyboard, and printer, and in some cases even USB devices such as scanners can be attached.

     With cloud services you get raw computing capability and an environment for installing and controlling it.  We provide a complete computing environment with operating systems and thousands of applications with a complete and secure interface.  The only thing you need to install to take full advantage of our computing environment is x2go or any NX client.

      In addition, you can also access our servers via traditional command line interfaces using ssh (putty on Windows).  Some of our shell servers can be accessed graphically (without sound) using VNC or RDP.

      With our service you can start doing useful work or play right away.  We also keep our applications up to date and back up your data weekly.  You don’t have to worry about viruses, worms, malware, spyware, eating or stealing your data here.

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