25 Days

     25 Days until freedom (with a little “f“), 25 days until I’m no longer under community custody.  Freedom with a big “F” doesn’t exist in this country, the constitution has pretty much been re-interpreted out of existence, any more but freedom with a little “f” I guess is better than no freedom at all.

     My right to vote may not be restored for months, that requires a judge signing a document that basically says the DOC has carried out the sentence I was assigned.  In actually, the DOC  went far beyond what the court assigned, by placing on me numerous restrictions that were neither ordered by the court nor required for safety, but I haven’t the money to fight that in court and 25 days from now it will be largely moot.  And I guess until that happens I can’t travel outside of the country without permission.  Mostly moot since the only country I could possibly afford to travel to is Canada and I’m pretty sure they won’t let me in now.

     If I understand Washington state law, there is no possibility of getting my right to own a firearm restored as long as a no contact order remains in effect, and that’s another 4-1/2 years away.  Not that it really matters since the only gun I’ve ever owned is an antique that I would have been afraid to fire given it’s condition, willed to me by a family friend when he passed away, and subsequently stolen by a satellite dish installer.

     Life goes on in some form I guess.

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