AVG Goodbye – Trying Avast

     AVG rudely interrupted a game I was playing yesterday insisting it needed a reboot, so instead it got the boot.  Not acceptable behavior on the part of an anti-virus program.

     So now I’m trying Avast on my Windows box which I use to play Flyff (a graphical MMORPG in which you get to fly around and battle various critters, party with other players, buy, sell, and trade).  I’ve actually used Avast in the past but it let more malware slip through than AVG but if the anti-viral software is rendering the machine non-functional, might as well let the viruses get it.

     If you’re in the middle of a battle and disconnect, the game decides that you lost the battle because it considers disconnecting in the midst of a battle an attempt to cheat.  So when AVG disconnected me, that counted as a loss, not cool AVG.  BAD AVG.

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