It’s interesting that the fictional drug Felicium from Star Trek Next Generation episode Symbiosis, happens to also be the real name of an SSRI, or at least a brand name for one, Fluoxetine, an SSRI.

In the series Felicium was referred to as a “narcotic”, it dealt with one planet that was technologically evolved and a second planet in which the entire race was dedicated to producing only one substance, Felicium, to keep the other planet addicted, and the addicts on that planet in turn produced all the things needed for life on the first.

I’m pretty much convinced that the manufacturers of SSRI’s are mostly just drug pushers so the choice of a real SSRI for their fictional drug seems appropriate.  I’ve been treated with them for 25 years between the ages of 25-50 and I’m convinced they are mostly pure evil. (I’ve been off since April of 2010 and doing better than I ever did on them).

The thing about the human brain is that it is incredibly good at homeostasis. If you increase the amount of a neurotransmitter and your brain down regulates the receptor for that neurotransmitter.  So now you’re back where you were with the additional need and expense of a substance.

It might be helpful in providing a window of opportunity for treatment but not as a long term fix.

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