Nanook Documents Global Warming

They can run the Iditerod here!

This is my wife, Tina, standing on the street in front of our house.
The white blobs are snow illuminated by the camera flash, the orange blob
is a street light up the street about a block. You can see the tree limbs
of the trees behind her with all the limbs drooping from the weight of the
snow.I took this at approximately 5AM before it was light on February 16th,
2001. Last night’s weather report said we’d get up to two inches. At 5AM
was had six inches, now at 6:30AM it’s up to eight inches.
If I attempt to take a picture using flash, it just illuminates the snow
unless what is behind it is really bright or fairly close.
This is a picture of a neighbors driveway and car. It’s fuzzy because I
couldn’t use flash because the snow reflecting off as demonstrated in the
picture to the left and I didn’t have a tripod so it was difficult to hold
steady for the longer exposure required for a night time shot. The
lighting here is just illumination from neighors porch lights and
street lights.
This is a pictures of a neighbors roof, the “grey” part is the edge of the
sophet, about eight inches thick. The white on top of it, the snow. As
you can see the snow is nearly as thick.

I wanted to document the depth, and so took this picture but of coarse
didn’t notice the ruler was backwards until I unloaded the camera. It
still indicates the depth however as it’s a 12 inch ruler. It was six
inches on the deck railing as of 5AM. About eight now at 7AM.

This is the corner of the roof where the telephone cable attaches. That
thick thing with the snow on it is the cable. Again this is taken just
with available light, the orange tints are from sodium vapor lamps and the
blue from mercury vapor and fluorescent lighting used in various
porch lights, etc.

The camera really is capable of taking clearer night shots but I didn’t
have a tripod handy and couldn’t hold it sufficiently steady by hand.


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     Yesterday I took ibuprofen for my gout induced foot pain.  Usually when I have a mild flare-up, a little cranberry juice and within a day I’m good.  Yesterday the pain was sufficiently intense that I wasn’t willing to wait a day.  Had to get groceries which meant having to be on my feet and my toes and toe-box area was creating stabbing pain when I put any weight on it.  So I took ibuprofen.

     I hate doing this because with me there is always a nasty rebound effect.  That is to say when ibuprofen wears off, I feel pain all over and this morning when I first got up that was most definitely the case.  Fortunately that effect has subsided mostly now and the cranberry juice has done it’s thing and my feet are better.

     I’ve read about other people having a rebound effect if they’ve taken ibuprofen long term, but it happens to me even with a single dose, and same for other pain killers, aspirin will do the same thing to a lesser extent.  It did not do this when I was younger.  I guess just punishment for not dying sooner.

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