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Hillside Wrestling Weekend XIX, July 2015

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Hillside Wrestling Weekend XIX was held July 15-19, 2015. It’s Back!

In 1996 I attended my first Hillside Wrestling Weekend, the third of 18 consecutive Wrestling Weekends organized by Bob Sayers at Hillside Campgrounds in Pennsylvania. It was held every year, becoming the biggest, not-to-be-missed and longest-running of the annual wrestling events, until the 2012 event was canceled. The wrestling weekend was sorely missed.

My friend Cliff was a wrestler who I’d wrestled at camp for a number of years, typically on Sunday after the wrestling concluded at the Wrestling Weekend site. He also missed the event. In 2015 I sent out a message asking various wrestlers if they’d be interested in attending a Wrestling Weekend in 2015, and within two days, more than 40 wrestlers had responded positively. So we decided to get the event going again, and when the third weekend in July came around, once again, the hills were alive with the sights and sounds of wrestling. Submission and freestyle wrestling on mats, and pro wrestling on the ring. Our meals were prepared by Bill with the Friday and Saturday meals catered by Armetta’s, the restaurant up the hill on Rte. 848.

It was like a reunion for the returning wrestlers, and a new experience for a number of wrestlers who were attending for the first time. The other campers and camp staff were also excited that “The wrestlers are back!”.

The weather was great -- generally 60’s at night and 80’s during the day. There were a few showers but it quickly cleared. Mats were out all day and night, with most matches being submission/MMA, and some freestyle and pro as well.

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Hillside Wrestling Weekend banner

At Hillside

(Elevation 1350 ft.)

Setup, Tuesday and Wednesday

Cliff, Neil, Bill and I set up at camp on Tuesday, July 14th. Big tents set up at 4pm, then mats rolled out underneath them. Dinner is at Armetta’s pizzeria which turns out to have live music that night. Next day we set up the mat lighting, and get the pro ring up to its site.

T7149844a-1407-190107.jpg T7149844a-1407-190113.jpg T7149844a-1407-195449.jpg T7149844a-1407-195457.jpg T7149844a-1407-201627.jpg T7149844a-1407-201643.jpg
T7149844a-1407-201648.jpg T7149844a-1407-201733.jpg T7149844a-1407-230016.jpg T7159844a-1507-075721.jpg T7159844a-1507-075802.jpg T7159844a-1507-075816.jpg
T7159844a-1507-124653.jpg T7159844a-1507-125311.jpg T7159844a-1507-125325.jpg T7159844a-1507-134813.jpg T7159844a-1507-134823.jpg T7159844a-1507-135841.jpg
T7159844a-1507-162817.jpg T7159844a-1507-162828.jpg T7159844a-1507-163222.jpg T7159844a-1507-163331.jpg T7159844a-1507-165934.jpg T7159844a-1507-165940.jpg
T7159844a-1507-172332.jpg T7159844a-1507-211317.jpg

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A cool night (49°F at 7:20 am) gives way to a warm afternoon (84°F at 2:32 pm). Go for a bike ride, patch a hole in my tent. Pro ring assembled; MikeSWUK, Gerald, Steve and Ed arrive.

T7169844a-1607-072005.jpg T7169844a-1607-092810.jpg T7169844a-1607-094200.jpg T7169844a-1607-100040.jpg Armetta's Hillside banner - Coors is not a sponsor however T7169846.JPG
T7169847.JPG T7169848.JPG T7169848a-1607-231145-52-49againby7am.jpg

Friday, July 17, 2015
Evan vs. Bob

Most of the rest of the wrestlers trickle in during the day. At first, they are just hanging out, then I take on Mike from the U.K. and various other matches break out on the mats. After dinner, the camp fire is lit, but this time the night is warm and temperatures remain in the 60’s. Wrestling matches continue under the mat lights (a certain two wrestlers went til 1:49 am) ;-)

T7179849.JPG T7179849a-1707-132951.jpg T7179850.JPG T7179852.JPG T7179853.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0365.JPG
T7179853a-IMG_0366.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0367.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0368.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0369.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0370.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0371.JPG
T7179853a-IMG_0372.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0373.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0374.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0375.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0376.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0377.JPG
T7179853a-IMG_0378.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0379.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0380.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0381.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0382.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0383.JPG
T7179853a-IMG_0384.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0385.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0386.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0387.JPG T7179853a-IMG_0388.JPG T7179854.JPG
T7179855.JPG T7179856.JPG T7179857.JPG T7179858.JPG T7179860.JPG T7179861.JPG
T7179862.JPG T7179863.JPG T7179864.JPG T7179865.JPG

Saturday, July 18, 2015 Sub & Freestyle Matches Ken vs. Nick

T7189866.JPG T7189866a-IMG_0391.JPG T7189866a-IMG_0392.JPG T7189866a-IMG_0393.JPG T7189866a-IMG_0396.JPG T7189866a-IMG_0397.JPG
T7189866a-IMG_0398.JPG T7189866a-IMG_0399.JPG T7189866a-IMG_0400.JPG T7189866a-IMG_0401.JPG T7189866a-IMG_0402.JPG T7189867.JPG
T7189868.JPG T7189869.JPG T7189870.JPG T7189870a-IMG_0403.JPG T7189870a-IMG_0404.JPG T7189870a-IMG_0405.JPG
T7189870a-IMG_0408.JPG T7189870a-IMG_0409.JPG T7189870a-IMG_0410.JPG T7189870a-IMG_0411.JPG T7189870a-IMG_0412.JPG T7189870a-IMG_0413.JPG
T7189871.JPG T7189872.JPG T7189873.JPG T7189874.JPG T7189875.JPG T7189876.JPG
T7189876a-IMG_0414.JPG T7189877.JPG T7189878.JPG T7189879.JPG T7189880.JPG T7189881.JPG
T7189882.JPG T7189882a-IMG_0420.JPG T7189882a-IMG_0419.JPG T7189883a-IMG_0422.JPG T7189883a-IMG_0423.JPG T7189883a-IMG_0424.JPG
T7189884a-IMG_0425.JPG T7189884a-IMG_0426.JPG T7189884a-IMG_0427.JPG T7189884a-IMG_0428.JPG T7189884a-IMG_0429.JPG T7189884a-IMG_0430.JPG
T7189884a-IMG_0431.JPG T7189884a-IMG_0432.JPG T7189884a-IMG_0433.JPG T7189884a-IMG_0434.JPG T7189884a-IMG_0435.JPG T7189884a-IMG_0436.JPG
T7189884a-IMG_0437.JPG T7189884a-IMG_0438.JPG T7189884a-IMG_0439.JPG T7189884a-IMG_0440.JPG T7189885.JPG T7189885a-IMG_0441.JPG
T7189885a-IMG_0442.JPG T7189885a-IMG_0444.JPG T7189885a-IMG_0443.JPG T7189886.JPG T7189886a-IMG_0446.JPG T7189886a-IMG_0445.JPG
T7189886a-IMG_0447.JPG T7189886a-IMG_0448.JPG T7189886a-IMG_0449.JPG T7189886a-IMG_0450.JPG T7189887.JPG T7189887a-IMG_0451.JPG
T7189887a-IMG_0452.JPG T7189887a-IMG_0453.JPG T7189887a-IMG_0454.JPG T7189887a-IMG_0455.JPG T7189887a-IMG_0456.JPG T7189887a-IMG_0457.JPG
T7189887a-IMG_0458.JPG T7189887a-IMG_0459.JPG T7189887a-IMG_0462.JPG T7189887a-IMG_0464.JPG T7189887a-IMG_0465.JPG T7189887a-IMG_0466.JPG
T7189887a-IMG_0467.JPG T7189887a-IMG_0468.JPG T7189887a-IMG_0469.JPG T7189887a-IMG_0470.JPG T7189887a-IMG_0471.JPG T7189887a-IMG_0472.JPG
T7189887a-IMG_0473.JPG T7189888.JPG T7189889.JPG T7189890.JPG T7189890a-IMG_0474.JPG T7189890a-IMG_0475.JPG
T7189891.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0476.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0477.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0478.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0479.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0480.JPG
T7189891a-IMG_0481.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0482.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0483.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0484.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0485.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0486.JPG
T7189891a-IMG_0488.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0487.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0490.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0489.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0491.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0492.JPG
T7189891a-IMG_0493.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0494.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0495.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0496.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0497.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0498.JPG
T7189891a-IMG_0499.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0500.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0501.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0502.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0503.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0504.JPG
T7189891a-IMG_0505.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0506.JPG T7189891a-IMG_0507.JPG T7189892.JPG T7189893.JPG T7189894.JPG
T7189895.JPG T7189896.JPG T7189897.JPG T7189898.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0508.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0509.JPG
T7189898a-IMG_0510.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0511.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0512.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0513.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0514.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0515.JPG
T7189898a-IMG_0516.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0517.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0518.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0519.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0520.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0521.JPG
T7189898a-IMG_0522.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0523.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0524.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0525.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0526.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0527.JPG
T7189898a-IMG_0528.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0529.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0530.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0531.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0532.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0533.JPG
T7189898a-IMG_0534.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0535.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0536.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0537.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0538.JPG

Saturday, July 18, 2015: The Pro Show Ken vs. Nick
Some videos of Ken vs. Nick matches: match 1 | pro match 1 | pro match 2

T7189883.JPG T7189884.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0539.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0540.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0541.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0542.JPG
T7189898a-IMG_0543.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0544.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0545.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0547.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0548.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0549.JPG
T7189898a-IMG_0550.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0551.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0552.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0553.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0554.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0556.JPG
T7189898a-IMG_0557.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0558.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0559.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0560.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0561.JPG T7189898a-IMG_0562.JPG

The “Welcome Back To Hillside” Cake

T7189899.JPG T7189900.JPG

Sunday, July 19, 2015: Matches til Midday, Breakdown, then Roughhousing in Pool (a.k.a. beating on the wildlife) ;-)

T7199901.JPG T7199902.JPG T7199903.JPG T7199904.JPG T7199905.JPG T7199906.JPG
T7199908.JPG T7199909.JPG T7199910.JPG T7199911.JPG T7199912.JPG

Monday, July 20, 2015: after final match before Mike goes back to U.K.

Armetta's Hillside banner at home - Coors is not a sponsor however

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