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Children Left Unattended


     Watched a Dragnet episode on Netflix yesterday.  LSD was just coming on the scene and they had no laws against it.  Fortunately, before the 25 minute episode was over, the legislature came through and passed a law declaring it a dangerous drug and therefore illegal so Joe and Friday could go round up the […]


I am awake now, managed a bloodless shave.  Always nice when there is no morning blood letting. Our Daily Bread, a daily devotional I use (started reading in a paper form while in prison, now online, and they’ve just recently discontinued the paper version which I think is unfortunate as prisoners don’t have access to […]

Strange Dream

     I know that last night, particularly during the last few hours of sleep, I kept waking up out of all sorts of strange dreams, but I only remember the last one.  I was a kid, with a group of kids, being chased by some character that resembled an Elvis impersonator, you know with the […]

18 Days

18 days to go until the end of my community custody, three years it’s been.  Won’t miss going to the office and sitting an hour waiting for the officer. Tonight, my oldest son Carl, who kept Eskimo going in my absence, will be coming over and we’ll be watching some movies we rented at Scarecrow.  […]

Meeting Interesting People

     I had to go down the co-location facility to reboot the old shell server,  After doing that I stopped at a Jack In The Box about a block away, both because I needed to use a rest room and there are none provided in the co-location facility (you would think that a place […]

20 Days

     Had to leave my men’s accountability group today because another member brought their baby daughter in.  My community custody conditions, as defined by the DOC, forbids me contact with minors, even though the courts did not order that as part of my sentence, so I had to leave the group.      I’m sure there […]

Auntie Grizelda

     Come on folks, nobody has even taken a poke at Auntie Grizelda, and those lyrics, the whole song for that matter, kept going through my brain as I tried to go to sleep last night.  Google hasn’t been helpful, even though they know where I am, where I’ve been, and pretty much what I’m […]

Auntie Grizelda?

In the Monkees song, Auntie Grizelda, what is meant by, “no bird of prey has ever lit on auntie Grizelda”?