Dogs Don’t Need Exercise

             Dogs don’t need exercise between March 15th and November 1st.     (According to Shoreline)


Tiny Waves Breaking

Mansion on the Hill

                  There’s a mansion on the hill                    Psychedelic music fills the air                    Peace and love live there still                    In that mansion on the hill.

Trail at Salt Water Park

Edmonds Point

Sleep / Neighbors

     Still not sleeping well.  This morning a neighbor decided to help that by starting his roofing project while I was still asleep.  Needless to say I wasn’t still asleep for long.  I really need to be somewhere in the boonies where it’s six miles between me and my nearest neighbor.  Problem is I need […]

Mei at Dog Park

     Took Mae to the Dog Park in Mountlake Terrace today.  She had been really restless and quite a pest all day.

Tree Harbor Island Alki Bainbridge Night

West Seattle / Harbor Island Night

Soho / Harbor Island at Night

Harbor Island / Alki at Night

Driver Courtesy

     Even though the lane this person wanted to be in was totally full of traffic, he couldn’t just wait in the driveway for it to clear, he had to bolt out in front of me, make me pounce on the brakes, and block my lane.  Gotta love it.

Shoreline, Seattle Still Grey

Raymond and Mei

     Raymond, my 24 year old unemployed play video games until 5AM son and our Doberman, Mei.  Raymond prefers not to have her company but Mei knows he is a sound sleeper and she, like every Doberman we’ve had, is sneaky.

It is Well With My Soul

     In prison church we frequently sang this hymn, and knowing the history behind this (which is briefly outlined at the beginning of this video), I couldn’t help but feel a great sense of hope whenever we did.  Even now after I’ve been out for more than three years, many things feel strange, many things […]

A video I did in Interactive Multimedia Class

Wood Pile

      If you look closely at the log in the lower left of this picture, you can see it started out as two branches and merged into one after about three years of growth.  There are initially two sets of growth rings but they become one after about three years.


Flowers and Trees

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