Blood Letting

     For some reason, the skin on my face was really irritated this morning.  It made for an awfully horrid blood letting during my attempt to shave.  I did manage to rub some of the hairs of my face but took a lot of skin with it.      My son loaned me a camera lens […]

Juanita Waterfront – Closer

     I love how the houses are individually designed, not one architect making one designed cloned two hundred times and all painted a designated colour ordered by the local home owners association.  And the trees, different species with different shapes and shades, not all mono-culture pine.

Juanita Waterfront

Down The Hill

Post Office Parking Lot

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I know we need it but yech!

Rainy, No Money

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday there was money in the box, today NADA.  Yesterday it was sunny and 77ºF, today it’s rainy and 48ºF. This space intentionally left blank. Any Californians thinking of moving up here, don’t cut down our trees.  Because when you do, we get irate, even more irate than God […]

Mei Flash Awake

Here she is, now annoyed by the flash (not enough light for clean hand-held photo).  We didn’t put these blankets around her, she does that by herself.  She is a dog that knows how to be comfortable.

Mei Sleepy Dog

Specular Highlights

     I was really trying to capture the specular highlights on the water but they didn’t come out in the image at all like my eyes saw them.  I think it is the fact that they’re in constant motion on the water that makes them appealing to the eye and that is lost on an […]

The Great Juanita Wetlands

     The real wetlands (and there are some) are about a mile to the South-East, an area along Lake Washington that hasn’t been so developed.


Juanita Duck Couple

People and Ducks at Juanita Beach



     A closer view of the condominium property development assholes.  They probably sold each unit for half a million dollars and made the property worth a gazillion collectively, pocketing a whole lot of cash, but notice where all the life is?  All on the public side of the fence.  Not a balcony or slip occupied […]

Juanita Beach East

     This is the eastern most portion of Juanita Beach.  The fence you see is the assholes fence.  Most of Kirkland’s Lake Washington waterfront is private property although there are perhaps half a dozen parks as well.  In down town Kirkland, although much of the water front is private property, Kirkland required that property owners […]

Today’s Daily Bread Bible Verses

     I’m sure this was intended to insure us that God is present in the midst of calamity. For me it heightens anxiety because I’m thinking, okay if God is bringing me this message it probably means calamity is coming.  I have no doubt God was present with me during my incarceration.  Getting through it […]

Puffy AmiYumi – Dare Ga Sore O

     This is the last thing I listened to tonight before going to bed.        (I haven’t a clue what they’re singing since I don’t speak Japanese but it sure sounds peaceful.) Here is a Google translation of the Japanese lyrics. Would be interested to know how close Google comes. On top of the […]

I-520 from Juanita

     Cars are certainly a lot cleaner than they were in the 60s and 70s but still you can see the effect of smog over I-520 looking south towards the highway from Juanita Beach.

Juanita Hillside

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