Microsoft’s Take on Security

I think this rant would be valid if it weren’t for the fact that Google had already waited 90 days prior to revealing this Windows security issue. The botnet’s that we are continuously bombarded with are Windows machines, not Mac, not Linux. They exist because Windows is so full of holes that there is always […]

Butter on a Pop-Tart

I watched this episode about three days ago now this song is totally stuck in my head.  

Color Organs – Prismatic Glass

There must be some folks like myself still alive and old enough to remember a device popular in the 1970’s called a Colour (for some reason my spell checker only likes the English version) Organ.  It consisted of a box with light bulbs that were modulated to sound (usually music) behind prismatic glass so that […]

It’s Such a Beautiful Day

I stumbled across a film on Netflix that I felt was worth bringing to peoples attention, it’s entitled, “It’s Such a Beautiful Day”.  It is done with line animations and strange photography and it’s convoluted and strange but it does a very good job of showing why it’s important to be in the here and […]

“Rights” = Stolen Culture

The recent take-down of Pirate Bay is another example of oligarchy rule, specifically people making billions off of other peoples labour. What MPAA, RIAA, and other “rights” groups have done is stolen our culture so they can sell it back to us.  There was a time when people made music and shared it with each […]

Aiwa Receiver Dead…

I’ve had this Aiwa AV-DV75 receiver now for around a decade and today it bit the dust.  It still powers, the speaker relays engage, but no matter which input there is no output.  I’ve experienced this before and the last time it did this a processor reset brought it back to life, but not this […]

The Day before 9/11

Western Education

Most of the time I think Alex Jones is just totally over the top. But with respect to our education system, I think he is dead on here. I’ve seen the effects on my own children with the exception of my oldest son who was able to see it for what it is.

Sounds like the Tea Party, Not Anonymous

Bryan Tinsdale

If anyone reading this happens to know Bryan Tinsdale in Western Washington, please have him contact me. Thank you.