Looking for Work – Resume

Robert Dinse P.O. Box 55816 Shoreline, WA  98155 Tel:  +1 206 812-0051 Fax: +1 206 812-0054 Email: nanook@eskimo.com   Objective:   To fill a position where I can use my skills and experience to contribute to the growth and success of the company.         Qualifications: • 28 Years of Unix/Linux System Admin, […]

Reincarnation, Consciousness, Nature of Reality

The first question I would ask is, “why would anyone want to come back?” I have read many arguments with respect to the Biblical basis pro and con, and I can draw two conclusions, the Bible supports reincarnation, the Bible flatly denies the possibility. Some of the arguments on both sides fail to recognize that […]

The Federal Reserve Monetary Policy

Janet Yellen, has stated that she will continue Ben Bernanke’s current monetary policy of reducing the money supply if either inflation rises above 1.5% annually or unemployment falls below 6%.  What is the problem with this?  There are many. Holding the line on inflation is necessary but 1.5% is too low.  Some inflation is necessary […]

Elbee Elgee

I’ve changed themes (again).  I find Elbee Elgee to be neater, tighter, easier to read, plus it supports Buddy Press, and is highly tweakable and extensible.  Most of all the content seems easier to read and stands out better.  The BBpress forums provide a means to have side conversations, Mingle provides some social interactivity.


Ecclesiastes 5:13-20 New International Version (NIV) 13 I have seen a grievous evil under the sun: wealth hoarded to the harm of its owners, 14 or wealth lost through some misfortune, so that when they have children there is nothing left for them to inherit. 15 Everyone comes naked from their mother’s womb, and as […]

Global Consciousness Project

I added a link to the Worthwhile Endeavors section for Global Consciousness Project because, although it’s somewhat nebulous and non-material and not a project that immediately provides for peoples material needs, I never the less feel it’s an extremely worthwhile and important project because it aims to understand the interaction between our consciousnesses and the […]


Just when I was feeling the world had turned into one giant pile of crap, I was directed to this:  

More on Costs

When Nikita Khrushchev came into power in the Soviet Union, he inherited a country where creative thinking was in short supply. It seems that under Joseph Stalin’s rule, fear, which kept people inline, also suppressed the kind of creative thinking that is necessary for a nation to thrive. By anyone’s measure, the US prospered most […]

The Cost of Surveillance

One of the downsides is the cost of surveillance. Broadband Internet would be ubiquitous and cheap if it weren’t for one thing, the government severely limits competition.  In any given area there is generally only one telephone company with physical plant, one cable company with physical plant, and two wireless carriers with physical plant.  And […]

Positive Side of a Surveillance State

I am not in favor of a surveillance state like Big Brother in the movie 1984, but I do see a plus side to it where crime and punishment are concerned.  For example, the FCC can levy up to $40,000 and two years in prison for the act of transmitting without a license.  Now that’s […]