Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop

     Most shell providers provide text-only access via ssh, telnet, or login.  Eskimo North provides these but also provides the option of having a full remote desktop from our servers on your computer which provides for full high resolution graphical applications with sound.

     We support the following four protocols for remote desktop sessions, x2go, nx, vnc, and rdp.  Not all protocols are supported on all servers.

Server X2Go NX VNC RDP
Centos7 Yes Yes No No
Debian Yes No No No
Fedora Yes Yes No No
Mint Yes Yes No No
OpenSuse Yes Yes No No
Scientific Yes Yes No No
Scientific7 Yes Yes No No
Shellx Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ubuntu Yes Yes Yes No

     Access to these protocols is supported only via tunnelled ssh connections for security reasons.  The X2Go client natively supports ssh tunnelling as do most of the NX clients.  Some VNC clients such as Chicken VNC support it (Chicken of the VNC does not), and Remmina, which supports all nx, vnc, and rdp protocols, also supports ssh tunnelling.  If your client does not support ssh tunnelling, it will be necessary to setup an ssh tunnel manually.

     Sound is supported only by X2Go and then at present not on the Mac platform unless you compile and install Pulse Audio yourself.  Work is under way to incorporate Pulse Audio into the X2Go Mac installation package.

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