I’ve been looking for blogging software for some time. I knew about but didn’t realize it had an option for posting elsewhere. It does and the option seems to work perfectly with eskimo’s setup.

Blogger is at:

It’s free, except that they tag advertisements onto your site. Well that’s reasonable I think given what you get for free.

To publish on Eskimo North, you just need to decide where you want to put your blog, for example, your website is public_html in your home directory. Since I had other things on my website that I did not want to disturb, I created a subdirectory for the blog.

mkdir public_html/blog will ask for the publishing path, if you make a subdirectory like I did, you would specify this like:


Then it will ask for the main blog file, I used index.html (which will be written in the blog directory not in your main public_html if you used a subdirectory like I did). If you want the blog to BE your website, then you can just put it directly under public_html, but I wanted it just to be a portion of my website.

Then when you create the blog on use the advanced publishing options. It will ask for the ftp server, put in:

Then it will need your login and password. That is your login and password you use on eskimo for host functions. uses this to login to our ftp server and upload the blogs.

You can post your blog from’s website, or you can setup e-mail blogging where you can just e-mail postings to an address setup for your blog.

You’ll also need to select a template, this controls the basic look and feel. You can edit the template if none of the pre-created templates fit your liking.

Then you select post, and after you are done, publish post. You will need to publish your entire blog to save other changes, such as changes to template, etc.

All in all it’s an extremely easy way to create a blog. I’d still like to find some software that would work properly locally so I don’t have to have the advertisements or the potential for censorship.

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