Eskimo North Bulletin Board

The reason I haven’t posted much in the last few days is that I’ve been busy getting some new things online.

In 1982, I started Eskimo North as a single line BBS on a Radio Shack TRS-80 model III with a whole of 48 Kbytes (yes that is KILObytes, not megabytes or gigabytes), and 280 Kbytes of disk. It grew on that platform to about 3 Mbytes of floppy disk and then got moved to a model IV initially with 64 Kbytes of RAM and then later 128 Kbytes of RAM.

In 1985 it was moved to a Unix based Tandy 16B (actually Xenix) and initially 4 lines, expanded to 11 lines with some custom hardware hacks to the machine.

Then in 1991 went to a Sun 3/180 which was very rapidly upgraded to a Sun 3/280, and then Sun 4/280 (which involved changing out CPU boards). Then was supplimented with a Sun 330.

In 1992 Eskimo North was connected to the Internet and started providing Internet services.

Now, in 2006, Eskimo North has just launched a FREE Web based Bulletin Board system returning to our original roots.

Give it a try:

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