After Bush

If we make it through the Bush presidency, I hope that American’s will be so sick of the lying and corruption that, as with the post Nixon election, they will demand a squeaky clean president.

Jimmy Carter did some very positive things for this country. The Freedom of Information Act gave American’s more access to the internal workings of their government. Unfortunately, it has been largely gutted by George Bush Sr, Reagan, and George Bush, “I wanna be president like daddy”, Jr.

Jimmy Carter also pushed through an act that provided a tax incentive for American automotive companies to produce flex-fuel cars. The bill did not require that they advertise the capability.

I feel the current historical path we are on is one of self-fulfilled prophesy. The western religious fanatics have taken power in the United States (Christian fundamentalism), and have always had control in the Middle East (Jews, Muslims) but the more fundamentalist elements have taken control there.

All of these religions believe in an apocalypse or Armageddon, and they all seem to be striving hard for self-fulfilled prophesy, and the people in these respective nations all seem to be behind them.

This is not the historical path I would choose. I’d choose a path that leads us to cooperative living, freedom, abundant clean energy, food that hasn’t been poisoned with chemicals, genetically altered, or irradiated, water that’s not full of chemical crap and upstream sewage. I’d choose a path that eliminated poverty in the world, and uncontrolled disease.

But that doesn’t seem to be where the majority want to go right now. For the majority, it’s
Armageddon or bust!

It’s sad because it doesn’t have to be that way. If we were willing to make the commitment on a planetary level, or even a national level, we could have controlled hydrogen fusion putting power on the grid in just a few short years.

Doing so would eliminate the need to burn fossil fuels for power, and eventually it would displace fossil fuels for transportation needs.

That would end the fighting over oil in the middle east. Oh in case it sounds like I’ve contradicted myself with respect to fundamentalist religions bringing on Armageddon, the two are not unrelated. The Warring parties aren’t truly religious, if they were they’d respect the commandments, “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, which is present in all of these religions and most others. Leaders of these countries truly are not religious, they use religion to motivate their respective peoples to fight.

They have been doing this since the days of the Old Testament. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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