Strange Phone Call

Tonight I received an unusual telephone call from someone who was convinced I was part of the secret underground cabal. He wanted me to share information with him.

I did do a lookup of the number I got on caller ID on Google and found out he was a Hispanic musician in the Los Angeles area with a website on beta records and

There is something about artistic capability and stability but what would the world be without it’s artists. I’m not the most stable individual on the planet myself so I guess I should cut other people some slack.

I wish I had some musical talent but alas it was not meant to be. I did try to learn to play the French horn while in Jr. High school, that was a disaster. Later tried to learn to play the guitar. I think I got three cords down, C, F, and G, and that’s about it. It didn’t help though that the guitar had a wide neck and I have small hands that didn’t really fit around it well, making many chords physically very difficult.

One thing that really bugged me about the call is that he seemed so convinced I was part of this underground because of something I’ve written about here and I can’t figure out what that might be.

To be sure I’ve had some very unusual life experiences and I’ve written about them but I’ve never been approached by anyone to join or take part in any sort of underground agenda.

What I know is a function of life experiences. Running an ISP I’ve had a lot of people tell me things over the years that they probably shouldn’t. But none of them confessed to being part of any underground cabal either. If you do much hunting around the Internet you’ll find that it is replete with speculation and in some cases I believe actual information.

I do agree with the caller that some sort of underground controlling non-elected government exists. You look at the last election, John Kerry vs. George Bush, both distant cousins, both former members of skull and bones. When the CEO of Diebold says he will deliver George a victory you can take his word on it! Pretty slimey the way they shorted the democratic counties of Ohio of adequate machines in the polling locations.

I’d like to know what the caller knows. Years ago this guy I knew from a local “weird science club”, a group of us that used to get together to explore areas of fringe science, anti-gravity and that sort of thing (never did run across anything convincing in that area, in particular we were looking at asymmetrical capacitors and the supposed levitating effects, that appeared to be nothing more than ion wind).

One of these guys brought a tape which I watched that had some supposedly former military officer talking about aliens and underground bases. It all seemed rather far-fetched at the time but I’m not sure anymore.

When I saw the footage of the 9/11 events, that sure looked like a controlled implosion to me. The pancaking explanation made no sense as the planes hit low. The top floors wouldn’t have sustained any heating or thermal weakening of the structure, yet that’s where it seemed to start when you watch the video. The heating would have been asymmetrical heating where the plane impacted and the fire burned, yet the building didn’t collapse on one side first and fall over, it went straight down.

I’ve watched controlled implosions of buildings before, that’s sure what it looked like to me. They cleaned up all the rubble in just days. That seemed like a move to prevent any forensic evidence from being gathered. It was also strange how parts of the rubble remained white-hot for days. And the company that removed the rubble specializes in controlled implosions. They were also the same company that rapidly removed the ruble from the Oklahoma federal office building bombing.

And flight-800, I’ve seen the pictures of the missile heading towards the plane. If it wasn’t a missile why did the FBI collect all of the pictures people took and threaten them if they didn’t keep quiet?

And Columbine, isn’t it funny how it turns out one of the kids involved was seeing a military psychiatrist at the time?

And Waco, in spite of the fact that they kept reporters two miles away, I saw footage taken with a telescopic lens where you can clearly see a tank mounted flame thrower torch the building after it had been loaded up with CS gas killing all those women and children.

So yea, I am convinced there is some government that we didn’t elect running things. And I’ve got mixed feelings about their agendas.

One of the agendas they seem to have is globalization, the elimination of national borders, free trade, and you know many people oppose these things.

However, if one looks at history, historically anytime we’ve had open free trade, everyone involved prospers. So I don’t see that aspect as a bad thing.

My concern isn’t globalization per se, although I will say that I think it’s impossible with the current polarization and hatred that exists on this planet. My concern is that it’s going to be government of the people by the oligarchy for the oligarchy. The rich get richer and more powerful, the rest of us get screwed.

Another aspect that bothers me is that these people seemed very bent on absolute control and create incidents to achieve it. Anybody who is paying attention should see the tactics being employed. They create a perceived need for something they want to do.

They want to disarm us so they create a few incidents like Columbine and Charles Joseph Whitman. That gets the public to demand gun control laws. If they’d just try to enact them they would have been met with resistance, this way the people demand what the controllers want.

The 9/11 event is another case in point. I don’t believe the Arabs were behind that. This group wanted to restrict our air travel, monitor every breath we take, tap our phone lines, install cameras, restrict our access to materials that could be used to make weapons. But if they tried to do all that crap without first creating public demand for “security”, it wouldn’t have gone over so easy.

I mentioned this tape with the former military talking about underground bases and all. One of the things about it that is making me re-think the subject is that he alluded to a plot where first the Soviet Union was used as a threat to control people, but when it became non-credible, then terrorism would be the new threat. Well, this was back in the very early 80’s when the cold war was still going full tilt.

But now a couple of decades later that is exactly what happened. And this same plot called for a faked alien invasion when terrorism was no longer credible. So how long will the terrorists remain credible? When do the saucers start shooting at us?

What I haven’t been able to figure out is WHY they want to control us. They’ve already got all the money and power. What’s left?

Reminds me of the Monty Python film, the meaning of life, in which they have the board meeting scene at the Very Big Corporation of America, in which someone is giving a speech, “there is still much of the world to be owned”.

Anyway, if there is anything I know I’d be happy to share it but whatever I know doesn’t come from my participation in any sort of underground cabal. I can’t even afford to fix the leaks in my roof and struggle month to month to make ends meet.

But running an ISP has introduced me to a lot of interesting individuals over the years, I’ve had customers that were former NSA employees, customers that worked at area 51 (whom either don’t answer me when I ask or deny that anything involving aliens went on there), and other unusual people.

I can see a lot of what is going on, and anybody that knows how to use Google can, what I don’t understand is the WHY. These people already have all the money and power, what more can they want?

I know what I want, a peaceful world in which people are connected to each other and to nature and live in harmony in a sustainable manner that optimizes life for everyone and everything involved.

I’m opposed to this “consumer society” we now live in. I see it this way, banks loan money and charge interest. In order for the whole economy not to collapse it has to grow at a sufficient rate to cover that interest. There is only so much real need, food, clothes, shelter, so growth can’t keep happening unless you can convince people they need all sorts of garbage they don’t need.

This leads to the excessive consumption of energy, raw materials, and the excessive generation of pollution and garbage, not to mention a rather shallow existence in which the most important things in our lives, friends and family, are replaced with television, I-pods, video games, and work work work to create all that crap we don’t need.

The only fix I can see for this is at transition to an economy that does not involve interest and inflation. That can be sustained at an appropriate level to meet our needs but not at a level that requires the creation of artificial demand, the job of marketing, which has become a huge industry.

I don’t know how we get there. Communism has proven to be an abject failure. In a situation where individuals have no potential for advancement other than an elite minority that can rise through party lines, there is no motivation. It just doesn’t work.

But capitalism in it’s current flavor is also seriously flawed, both because of the interest and inflation issue requiring an ever growing economy, but also because markets can be artificially manipulated to benefit a handful at the expense of the masses.

So I don’t know what the solution is. Nor do I know what the plan of the controlling elite is.

Another aspect of the call I found strange is that this person, a Hispanic according to his myspace website, liked Bush.

I find this odd since it is Bush and the republican party that has focused attention on Hispanic illegal immigration. It is my view that they did so for the same reason they spotlighted gay marriage and an amendment to ban the burning of the flag, because these issues take attention away from the real issues, the war in Iraq, the oil company raping of the American people and the administrations involvement in that.

I don’t know, none of this makes any sense for me.

I’m sure the caller will read this and I want to say to you if you are, why would someone involved in this underground cabal maintain such a public profile? You said you had a difficult time contacting me, yet all my contact information is published on my website which there is a link to from this blog.

I wish I could convince you that I am not a member of this underground cabal, if you saw where I live and how I live I think you would be convinced. I am a much a victim of this current economy as everyone else. I certainly have not benefited from it.

I do read a lot about a lot of things, I do see a lot of disturbing trends, but I do not know what the big plan is although I think I see some elements, and most of all I do not know WHY. That’s what I would like to know more than anything. If you already have all the money and power then WHY do you have to do these things?

A 100,000 Iraqis and 10,000 American’s have died in Iraq, for what? Yea I know the official figures for American deaths are much lower but that’s because when someone is seriously injured they fly them to Germany, and if they die there they don’t count as a death in Iraq, and because they’ve outsourced much of the war effort to private companies, Halliburton, mercenaries, and their deaths aren’t counted either.

But WHY do all these people have to die? It’s obviously NOT to help the Iraqi people, you don’t help a people by killing 100,000 of them and maiming a million, much of them women and children.

The answer is obvious, oil. But we have oil, we have LOTS of oil. We have more oil than all of the middle east combined right here in this country. No, it’s not sweet light crude, it’s heavy sour crude and tar sands and oil shale. It costs more to extract, it costs more to refine, but at the current price of oil it is plenty economic to do so.

However, the oil companies can get oil from Iraq at $4 dollars a barrel, when the going rate is $70 that’s more profitable than having to spend $15-30 a barrel to extract it here. And since the American people bear the costs of the war to obtain it, that’s not their problem.

They already got more money than they know what to do with and they’re NOT investing it in technologies to replace oil, so what the hell are they doing with it?

And where is all the money that goes to various government black projects going?

These things are questions everybody should be asking. You don’t have to be a member of any secret underground cabal to see that something is very very wrong with the world.

Look, Caller, I’ll tell you what I know but what I know does not come from being connected with any cabal. It comes mostly from personal research. Research anyone with a computer, internet connection, and knowledge of how to use Google can do.

Well, one other source, I’ve had some really weird ass experiences in my life, some of which I’ve described here, some on my future blog, and that does influence my perception of reality. When you’ve had the alien encounter experience, there is no longer a question of whether or not we’re being visited. When you’ve had an experience where gravity goes away and a long jump turns into a 130 foot jump, you know there is more to reality than is accepted by the mainstream.

But again that has nothing to do with any cabal.

There are the dreams I’ve had of earth changes. Those have lead me to really look into what IS going on geologically and I’ve come to conclusion that the potential for the scenes in my dream to play out does in fact exist. Unusual things are happening inside our planet, at least unusual in terms of modern human history, but not so unusual in terms of geological timeframes.

Strange things are also happening with our Sun. The last solar cycle was THE most intense cycle of solar activity on record, and records date back more than 2000 years thanks to Chinese monks who have been recording sunspot observations for several millennia.

Whatever this secret cabal might be up to on earth, I don’t believe they have the power to cause the deep geological processes that are currently underway. Nor do I believe they have the power to influence the Sun.

I’ll tell you one thing I think may be a factor. The Sun, as it orbits the center of gravity of our galaxy, bobs up and down in the vertical plane. Scientists seem to be in complete disagreement with respect to the period of that oscillation, but it does appear that we are presently near the center of the galactic plane.

In that center, the density of “stuff”, dust, bits of rock, and who knows what else, is highest because that is the center of gravity that everything is attracted to in the vertical plane while it orbits the galactic center of gravity. More stuff includes more stars, more stars means more neutrinos, and I think this may be a piece of the puzzle.

Richard Feynman came up with a method of diagramming nuclear reactions that became known as Feynman diagrams. One outshoot of this is that reactions are reversible. Nuclear reactions that involve the conversion of an electron and proton into a neutron also involve the emission of an electron neutrino.

Since Feynman showed that reactions are reversible, I believe that neutrinos should be capable of catalyzing reactions in the reverse direction, those involving the conversion of a neutron into a proton and electron and the absorption of electron neutrinos in the process. Energy is also involved.

I am hypothesizing that higher neutrino density near the galactic plane is catalyzing additional nuclear reactions in the suns core and in the earth that are in turn heating both the sun and earth up.

It’s not just CO2 induced global warming folks, Mars is heating up too and our probes couldn’t have contributed enough CO2 to affect Mars. Pluto is also heating up, so are some of the moons of the giant planets. Pluto is heating even while it is in the portion of it’s orbit carrying it rapidly farther away from our sun.

One thing I wonder is if this cabal as the caller refers to it, The Illumati seems to be the preferred term in many conspiracy theories, I wonder if they understand fully what’s going on and know that it’s going to lead to global catastrophe. And they just aren’t planning for their comfortable survival while the rest of us perish.

It’s just a thought but I can’t think of other reasons they’d be trying to disarm us while getting even more richer and powerful than they already are when their power now is almost absolute. Maybe the “almost” is in error too.

I don’t know what else it could be. But I do know I haven’t received any invitation from these people to save my sorry ass.

From the Callers website it is clear he thinks it is the work of Satan. I’m not sure that he isn’t correct. One photo that really haunts me is a UPI photo of the building burning and smoking just before it collapsed and what appeared to be the face of Satan in the smoke.

Yea, I know you can look at clouds and see bunnies and other things, but that picture really creeped me out. It didn’t look at all ambivalous, it looked very clear. And it FELT evil. It really gave me the creeps and it STILL gives me the creeps thinking about it.

Well, I’ll say this, to the caller, I’m curious about your handle, godcamefrommexico, that’s an interesting assertion and I’m curious what exactly you meant by that.

I can tell you I’ve seen some interesting videos of “psychic surgery” from Mexico, and I know the tricks these people use to make it look real and you can bet I was watching for those, but damn they looked convincing. One of the guys in the science group I mentioned earlier was Mexican, and he told me about some pretty weird shit that used to go on in his church.

And the accounts of people who’ve used Salvia, those frequently involve a female deity, very interesting. If you’re interested, do a Google search for salvia and look for personal accounts. You’ll find some of the usual things you’d expect from hallucinogens, but you’ll also find a huge number of accounts involving a female deity and usually the person encountering her will gain some wisdom they find truly useful in their lives, helping them down the path.

There is at least one group that believe she is an incarnation of the virgin Mary. I personally have no idea, I haven’t tried Salvia, I’ve only read other peoples accounts, but some of them seemed so real I felt severe effects from just reading their encounters and I have NEVER experienced this reading about anyone else’s drug experiences with any other drugs and I’ve read a lot (and experimented with a few myself when I was younger, 15-25).

Anyway, caller, I’ll be happy to share what I know but please do beleive me when I tell you that I am not part of any cabal.

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