Life is Too Short

I just got off of Photosig and as I was looking through the photos, there was a nude done up to look like an Iraqi prisoner at Abu Ghraib. Comments that followed said it was too crass.

You know where war and the human suffering that it entails is concerned, I don’t think you can be crass enough.

One photo that will always stick in my head as long as I live is the photo of the Korean prisoner being executed, the one where you see the wince on his face and the bullet exiting his skull along with splattered brains.

This was all in the name of stopping the spread of communism, an economic system which has largely proven to be a failure with the possible exception of Cuba, and thus didn’t need “stopping”, and certainly not at the expense of all the lives involved.

Now we’re killing hundreds of thousands and maiming millions in the interest of controlling oil fields when we’re sitting on more oil than all of the middle east combined right in our own country.

This makes me just positively sick. The only reason the middle eastern oil is attractive is because it’s cheaper to extract, in some fields it nearly squirts out of the ground on it’s own, and it’s cheaper to refine being light sweet crude for the most part.

The heavy sour crude we have in the continental United States exceeds all of the oil in the middle east several times over, but it is more expensive to extract, anywhere from $12-$30 per barrel as opposed to $3-$8 dollars a barrel for middle eastern oil. As a result the damned oil companies, and I do hope every one of those bastards that supports the war in Iraq burns in hell, can make $62-$67 profit while oil is selling at $70/barrel, where with US sourced oil, they’d only make $40-$58 profits per barrel. If the oil companies paid for the war they’re promoting, these profits would dry up.

It just angers me no end the death and suffering we are willing to inflict on fellow human beings in the name of oil company profits and that is ALL this war is about. It’s not about terrorism, if it weren’t for oil our foreign policy in the Arab world wouldn’t be so screwed and the Arabs wouldn’t be pissed. If people were forcing their culture down my throat and killing and maiming my children, I’d be pissed too.

Life is too short for this shit. I hope we throw some of these damned oil company bought republican war mongers out of office this fall.

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