Commonly held belief is that a real objective reality exists, and that for the most part it’s interaction with us is one way. It affects us and we can only in minor, local, and limited ways affect it.

Because of various experiences I have had in my life I am not of this belief. I believe reality is a two-way collective interaction and that there is no such thing as an objective reality, there is a kind of consensus reality, but it’s more of an overlapping number of subjective realities, not truly objective.

Each of us has our own subjective views and because our interaction with reality forms part of that reality, we each have our own subjective reality, there is no objective reality. But there is still overlap and interaction between our realities. Certain things we all agree on, or mostly agree on, and those few who simply refuse to agree with the majority, they’re simply nut cases. That would be me probably.

You remember when we were children, our parents read to us a story of the little train that could? I think I can.. I think I can..

I think there is a much deeper truth in that than most people know. I believe that our beliefs regarding what is possible actually affect what is possible. It’s not just a function of believing in ourselves and our own abilities. To be sure, that is important, but it’s also a function of believing what is possible, what can actually happen or be made to happen by anyone.

I think the universe or maybe multiverse is the correct term, is very complex. I think there are as many universes as there are conscious entities, and each of us occupies our own, and yet, our universes also all overlap in a consensus reality.

My reality includes such things as the possibility of flying or levitating without mechanical aid. It’s happened to me exactly once, I’ve never been able to reproduce it, so it won’t pass mainstream scientific scrutiny, but for me, one incidence is enough for it to become part of my subjective reality. Likewise for out of body experiences and little aliens visiting us in flying saucers. I have had more than one out of body experience actually.

I’ve never seen a ghost though so my subjective reality doesn’t include ghosts. Still, I don’t discount other peoples experiences with them.

I have tried to make EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena), recordings of ghosts if you will, and have not succeeded. I only live a block from a cemetery and two children fell out of a tree and died at the house I am living in before we moved in. So if ghosts exist this ought to be spook central, but EVP turned up nothing for me. A friend of mine was into recording EVP’s when I was a kid, this way proceeded the Art Bell show. We’re talking like 35 years ago, using a small portable reel-to-reel tape recorder. He would record white noise from an FM radio tuned off any station, and then play the tape back and listen for voices. I tried this but all I ever got was a recording of white noise.

I have had one experience that leads me to believe there is a reality to some part of us surviving physical death. I had a friend in high school who went into the army after he graduated. After a couple of years he came back, he had a grapefruit sized tumor in his chest. They treated him with chemotherapy and the tumor disappeared. However, the chemotherapy they used had about a 20% chance of causing lymphoma, even if the primary cancer was completely eliminated.

About two years later he came and visited me and told me that he had been diagnosed with lymphoma and they expected that he had about two weeks to live. He seemed amazingly at peace with the situation. He says it wasn’t causing him much pain, some problems with bleeding gums but rinsing with hydrogen peroxide helped.

He said he would try to contact me after death if possible.

Anyway, since they gave him approximately two weeks to live, he said he was going to go on a trip and say goodbye to friends in other parts of the country. He left on that trip and died before returning.

Shortly afterwards I had a dream that he came to my apartment (this was 25 years ago when I was still in an apartment). He came to the door just like he did in life and I answered the door. I was surprised to see him. I ask him, how can you be here you died? He said don’t worry about it just enjoy the time we have. I tried to ask him about what it was like where he was. He would not give me any specifics, he would only say he is ok and not to worry about it.

Over the next couple of years I had many dreams like this. Every one of them had the quality of seeming very real, not scattered and discontinuous like most dreams.

Then in one dream he told me that it was the last time he could come to me like this. And that was the very last dream in which he did.

I’ve had many friends die over the years, but no others have ever come to me in dreams like this. But also no others told me they would try to contact me after death.

However, one very friendly cat I had keeps coming back to me in dreams. He was an exceptional cat. Most cats don’t come when called, but he would usually come to me when I called him. Sometimes when he was outside he would not come when I would call if he didn’t want to go in, but if I got worried, then he’d show up at least so I could see him and know that he was alright. He could somehow sense when I became worried, otherwise when he was outside he would not come.

He loved human attention. I’ve never had a cat like that before or since. When he comes to me in dreams it is very similar. I had one just last night where I went down into the basement to check equipment, and there was a kitten version of one of our current cats that came into the basement. I picked him up and carried him out and headed upstairs, and there was the cat that had died, so I picked him up too, then there was an adult version of our current cat, so I also picked him up and carried two full sized cats and the kitten into the house.

This dream was particularly odd, but our dead cat does show up a lot in dreams, some of them seemingly a lot more normal. But other pets I’ve had haven’t done this. I have at times thought I felt him walk across the bed while I was sleeping. Our other cats do that but these times they were outside or sleeping elsewhere.

I don’t know what the nature of that part of us that remains is but these experiences convince me that it is something.

I am very puzzled by my friends unwillingness to say anything about his existence other than he is ok and not to worry about him. He didn’t say he was wonderful, having a swimmingly good time, or anything about the nature of his reality and what he does in spite of the fact that I kept asking these questions, only that he was “ok” and not to worry about it and enjoy the time we have.

So anyway, some form of existence beyond physical death is a part of my reality as a result of these experiences. I also feel like he must have somehow gotten a glimpse of where he was going to be while he was still alive, because I can think of nothing else that would explain how peaceful and accepting of his situation he was before his death.

You know what I like about blogging is that I can share these thoughts easily. What I don’t like is that only infrequently do I get any feedback from you.

I think the overlapping portions of our subjective reality allows for a phenomena where if a group of us believe something is possible, it is much more likely to manifest than it is for us individually. I think there is a collective effect, actually a synergistic effect.

I have had also some very strong psychic interaction with some individuals. One friend in high school, our conversations would never have sentences longer than two words because by that time the other person already had the complete thought in their head and started to reply.

He had come up from San Diego, California to Seattle. He was describing for me one day a strip mall near where he lived, and all the sudden I had this absolute clear vision in my head. I stopped him and continued the description myself, down to exactly what stores were arranged in what order, and I got it totally right. But that was the only time I ever got a vision like that, most of the time it was just knowing what the rest of a sentence was going to be kind of thing.

I am of the belief that the Internet is really duplicating in a physical consensus reality what really is an innate capability of human beings and perhaps all life. We’re already connected with super high bandwidth connections that operate at the speed of thought. We just don’t know how to use them. I think we’ve disconnected because we feel guilty and embarrassed about the terrible things we do to each other. I believe this is really what Genesis and original sin and separation from God are referring to.

Well anyway give me some feedback, I’d like to hear your ideas. Also, tell your friends about my blog. I’d like to interact with more of you.

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