Weird Dreams

I had a couple of very odd dreams last night.

In the first one I was out riding a Yamaha motorcycle (is there such a thing?) in some very desert like and remote area.

There was this gas station kind of out in the middle of nowhere, very old looking and rundown, but they had the newer style gas capture nozzles there.

There was also an oil drill rig nearby. The owner of the gas station told me the well was owned by his brother and they pumped the recovered gases back down the well to pressurize it and make the oil flow better.

The road that led up to the gas station ended there, but maybe a half mile before that there was a fork in the road, and the other fork led up to this little shack of a bar.

I was sitting in the bar talking to people there when this very oddly dressed man came in. Before he left he mentioned that he was from another time and got here via a time machine.

I asked him if I could see the machine, he said no, I asked him if he could tell me how it worked and he said it involved rapidly spinning masses. Said a crude one could be fashioned out of the machines they use to make golf balls. Then he said he had to go and left very rapidly.

I really wanted to see the time machine so I tried to follow him, but by the time I got out of the building he was past the fork of the road and nearly up to the gas station. I tried to start my motorcycle but I was so much in a hurry I couldn’t function.

Then I woke up out of this dream. The weird thing is that I have never owned a motorcycle or ridden one. A minibike is the closest I’ve come. But in the dream it seemed completely natural.

I also wonder where the idea of the time machine or the setting came from. I hadn’t watched or read or listened to any sci-fi real recently.

And the setting, desert, not like any place I’ve ever been, except perhaps in passing to get somewhere else.

Then I went back to sleep and had another dream. In this dream I was with some underground rebel group, and when I say underground I mean literally underground. In this dream there was a huge series of connected caverns extending some several hundred miles into the earth, and in the dream they weren’t hot just normal temperature and they were occupied by us, whatever we were.

The surface people wanted to hunt us down and kill us but they wouldn’t go more than a few miles below the surface. So we devised this plan to collapse the caverns they were in while they were in then when they tried to come after us.

I awoke out of that one before we executed the plan, but it was a very weird dream, traveling about between these connected underground caverns. We traveled on foot, large groups of us, but we were able to travel very rapidly. I don’t know how we could see, I don’t remember us carrying any lights nor any specific source of light in the caverns.

Sometimes I have odd dreams like this if my stomach is upset or I’m not feeling well, but that was not the case this morning.

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