Election Scare Tactics

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how the terrorism propaganda has been ratcheted up now that an election is coming up?

Also, you may have noticed how the gasoline prices are falling just before the election. The oil companies are easing up on the artificial shortage they created so that we’ll vote for the same bastards that got us into a major war and resulted in the $3/gallon prices we’ve been paying at the pump. The same forces incidentally that were responsible for the Enron fiasco. You can count on gasoline going right back up on November 3rd.

Coast to Coast AM in particular, first I hear Art Bell on a weekend tell us how the Muslims will continue until either everybody has converted to Islam or died. Strange, I’ve never had a Muslim make any serious attempt to convert me or condone the killing that is going on here and abroad.

Art Bell had another guest a week ago that espoused the view that the agenda was first to overthrow the United States, and then when we were out of the way, the rest of the world would be easy by contrast. I think not. I think he’s seriously deluded to think that the Indians and Chinese people are just going to roll over and play dead.

Then George Norey on the following Monday interviews Hamid Mir, the editor of an Islamabad-based newspaper, The Daily Ausuf. This person has been in touch recently with the Taliban leader who claims that Taliban will launch the largest offensive against American troops in Pakistan at the beginning of Ramadan, which should start on September 24th.

He also claims that Al-Qaeda operatives in the United States have nuclear weapons smuggled in across the Mexican border, and can strike at anytime.

I think these claims are basically bullshit intended to whip up fear in the American public in hopes they’ll vote for Republicans who they erroneously believe will protect them.

If Al-Qaeda were in possession of nuclear weapons, I think Israel would have been the first to disappear off the map and become a glow in the dark radioactive wasteland. But I am hard pressed to believe Al-Qaeda could have acquired nuclear weapons while Iran, with much greater resources at their disposal, is still working to develop them.

I also seriously doubt that the Taliban is going to wait for a holiday to attack American forces.

If another country invaded the United States, I have to think that there would be those of us that would want to go to that country and inflict whatever harm we could.

Don’t buy this crap, because that’s what it is. If Bush hadn’t squandered several hundred billion dollars, ten thousand American lives and 100,000 Iraqi lives on a senseless war to control oil fields, we would have Bin Laden by now.

The truth of the matter is they don’t want Bin Laden captured, they want a credible threat so they can justify wiretapping our phones without warrants, jailing people without charging them with a crime or allowing them a prompt and fair trial, restricting our travel, and monitoring and interfering with every aspect of our life. Pretty soon you won’t be able to go to the bathroom without a government license and a camera watching you.

It’s time we insist on democracy here in America before worrying about it in other countries. Out with the Diebold audit-proof voting machines, and in with traceable fair elections.

The military-industrial complex Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of is upon us. It is even more insidious than president Eisenhower had imagined, having taken on a completely international presence.

Prior to the change of the millennium I had envisioned 2000 would usher in a new era of peace and prosperity. I had the feeling we’d toss these war mongers out and get on with managing the planet to the benefit of all it’s occupants.

It was silly of me to believe this would just happen by magic. The control of media by conservative forces has insured that protests do not get news coverage like they did in the Viet Nam era, so this tactic so far has been ineffective.

What can we do? Well one thing we can do is start becoming wise consumers. Do everything we can to reduce our consumption of petroleum products. Become aware of what consumer products these multinational corporations produce and avoid them. And don’t buy the propaganda on the conservative controlled news media.

And on the subject of conservatives, I remember when conservatives used to like to associate themselves with fiscal responsibility. Has anybody been keeping track? The last three REPUBLICAN presidents ran up the largest national deficits in history. The last DEMOCRATIC president balanced the budget and was paying down the national debt.

When you vote this November, ask yourself if you want to continue mortgaging our country. Ask yourself if you want to continue to support the party that launched the first US preemptive invasion of another sovereign nation in our history. The party that manipulated intelligence data to build a case for war.

I mean come on folks, am I the only one to see something is seriously wrong in this country?

Regarding Iran, does it not seem so odd that we are concerned with the possibility of them developing nuclear weapons when Pakistan already has them? Let me give you a couple of things to consider regarding this:

In the middle east, Saudi Arabia has the largest oil reserves, the present Saudi government is at least on the surface friendly to United States interest, but that is much less true of the populous. One of the reasons we invaded Iraq is that keeping bases in Saudi Arabia threatened to cause an uprising overthrowing the current government. We needed another place to put them that was central to the region. And what better place than the country that had the middle easts next largest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia.

Guess which country is number three? Yes, it is Iran. Surprise surprise. But oil isn’t the only interest the Bush administration has in the region. And more specifically vice president Cheney has very personal interests in the region. Cheney has uranium mining interests. Iran has developed a technology for extracting uranium from low grade ore that lowers the cost of doing so by a factor of one hundred from that of conventional methods. Specifically, Iranian scientists have developed a microbe that can efficiently extract uranium from low grade ores.

If that technology were to come into widespread use, what do you think would happen to the value of Cheneys’ uranium mining interests? I believe this is the real reason for all the stink about Iran’s processing of nuclear fuel.

I don’t want to go down the path we’re going down. I don’t want to allow a handful of power mad greedy politicians incite a war between Muslims and Christians. The Holy books of both religions tell us not to kill each other. People on both sides of the fence need to ask themselves if they really believe their leaders are in touch with God. I don’t for a minute, but I do believe our leaders are very aware of the motivational power of religions and are using them to manipulate us.

I gotta try and get some sleep now, it’s sure hard with the world in the turmoil that it is.

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