No Dreams

Strange, after the crazy dreams the night before last, remembered none when I woke up this morning.

Haven’t seen the girl reflected in my monitor since I last wrote about it. Haven’t had time to research the history here yet.

Received a funny e-mail from some lady in Russia today who as near as I can tell is looking for an American to marry her so she can gain citizenship. She didn’t outright say that, but she describes herself in one sentence and then asks if I like Russian women, if I’m planning on traveling to Russia, and if I think I’m right for her. How could anyone know that from a one sentence description.

I hope she didn’t take it as overly rude, I did tell her that since I was already married I couldn’t be her citizenship ticket.

I can understand her desire to get out though. Countries that spend all of their resources on military and starve their citizens are no fun to live in. Wait, that would be here too.

I did also talk to a couple of local women on a couple of sites I am on, that helped my spirits a bit. Funny how someone who is a complete stranger is more willing to share the details of their lives with me than my own children. But that’s okay, it boosted my spirits significantly and I actually was able to get some work done last night.

I do wish my children were at least as willing to share as a total stranger, but perhaps being a total stranger makes it feel safer. My kids might worry about what I think about them, a total stranger doesn’t care what I think about them.

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