These are some images our house and immediate surroundings. This is the deck in the back complete with broken washing machine. It ate it’s bearings the other day and we obtained another for free that was advertised on CraigsList but haven’t quite figured out how to get rid of this one yet.

This is the left side of the front of our house and our next door neighbors to the west of us. That strip in between is how we usually access the basement or back yard.

Our house from the front. We have so far resisted cutting down all the trees. Most of our neighbors have eliminated most of theirs.

A shot out the back showing the wonderful gloomy Seattle area weather. One of the brief moments it hasn’t been raining. If you’ve been watching the news, flooding is widespread right now, worst I can remember in recent history.

This is a view from our front porch looking over the driveway of our new neighbors to the east of us. The people that lived there when we moved in both died some time ago of lung disease. Her husband was a ship builder and exposed to asbestos.

This is looking across a neighbors back yard, 6th Ave which you can’t see because it’s below everything, and through trees to a house that’s on 5th avenue on the other side of 6th.

This is looking down the hill in our backyard. When we moved in, this was a thick canopy of woods. An older woman owned all the property below and said that she was not going to develop it. She died and it got sold to developers. They bulldozed the woods below and built three houses on every lot the size of ours. The alders that were on our hillside all died shortly after that, turning what used to be very dense woods into sparse woods.

We live on the corner of two streets, that form a 90 degree turn at our house, and both dead end. This is a view of street we come and leave by.

This is a view up the other street which dead ends at I-5. At least being on the corner of two dead ends limits traffic somewhat.

A view looking out from our front porch.

Our back deck, complete with broken washing machine, taken from our back porch, and the woods, or what remains of them, behind.

Another shot of our back yard with what remains of the woods.

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