Feeling pretty bumbed out today. Between all the server problems over the weekend, the scare with my wife, etc.

I guess I should explain that. Friday on the way back from fixing a server, she had a sudden onset of extreme vertigo and was hearing “static” that seemed to be coming from inside her head rather than one ear.

Worried that it might be something serious I took her into the doctors. It turned out to be Migraine “aura”. She has only suffered migraines for the last year and a half or so but up until now they’ve involved only pain no aura.

They gave her a shot of something that did take care of it but it really had me worried. Her father had an aneurysm in his brain at about this age (which fortunately was successfully operated on), so I was worried about something like that.

You get that huge surge of adrenalin through your system then when it’s gone it’s like total burn-out.

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