Wave Structure of Matter

I received a comment in response to a short post about why my daughter wasn’t talking to me. It has nothing and everything to do with it I suppose since it is a theory about the nature of everything.

I haven’t looked at in detail yet but found the theory about The Wave Nature of Matter to be an interesting alternative to the Big Bang theory and the Standard Model of particle physics.

It is obvious to me that mainstream scientific theories, Big Bang Cosmology in particular, are seriously flawed.

In general, I view theories as a model that makes useful predictions about reality, not necessarily as an accurate representation of reality itself.

Big Bang theory though doesn’t even make useful predictions. It takes many fudge factors to make it work mathematically, dark matter, dark energy, inflation, etc.

One thing that caught my attention right away was the reference to Eric Learner, author of the book, “The Big Bang Never Happened”, which proposes an alternative to Big Bang Cosmology.

While I can’t agree with everything Learner says, I do agree with may points he makes. Traditional cosmology makes gravity the predominant force in the universe and considers electromagnetism irrelevant because at long distances magnetic forces tend to cancel out.

Well, I don’t know where they come to that conclusion, certainly in our local vicinity magnetic fields are important and their seem to be many structures hinting at magnetic and electrostatic influences.

Big Bang is just an extrapolation based upon the apparent expansion of the universe. The expansion is based upon the redshift of light from distant light sources and is presumed to be Doppler in nature. There is no way to make that extrapolation work however without the addition of fudge factors, inflation, the cosmological constant, dark matter, dark energy, something some have labeled neg entropy (we start out with a single point, no information, and end up somehow with an ordered universe out of it), violations of conservation of matter and energy, etc.

Then there are observational problems:

  • Quasars, believed to be the active cores of early galaxies, many of the more distant quasars redshifts do not match their host galaxy.
  • The microwave background radiation is about twice as hot as it should be and also does not follow the perfect black body radiation curve.
  • There are spiral galaxies larger than the milky way less than one billion years after the big bang. The rotational time of these galaxies is longer than one billion years. This both flies in the face of galactic evolution models and the big bang.

So I welcome new theories and I find this one somewhat intriguing although at this time it seems like just an outline, very incomplete. This theory suggests something I have believed, that the universe is infinite (although he changes the definition of universe to that which is observable) and that we can only see or interact with a small portion.

It states that all forces are the result of changes in velicity of “in-waves”, but does not explain why some forces are bipolar (charge, magnetism) and some unipolar (gravity).

So check it out, let me know what you think.

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