Eddie School Concert

Eddie, my youngest son, performed in a school concert today. He’s the one in the middle of the image behind the kid with darker hair.

Motion blur exists because we didn’t want to be rude and annoy others enjoying the performance so an 1/8th second exposure was necessary.

He looks just thrilled to be there doesn’t he? Actually, this seems to be his state since Christie left.

I’m hoping he will get better in time. Eddie I think was a lot closer to Christie than the other kids, in part I think because she actually appreciated his unreserved criticisms. Eddie is highly intelligent in an intellectual sense but has a way to go in terms of social intelligence and maturity. Christie would not only tolerate his stark insensitive honesty but actually seemed to appreciate it. I think he related to her especially well because of this although he often sounded cruel to her. Aside from Christie leaving, he is also almost thirteen which is a difficult time for most children.

He is in honor roll classes this year because of his exceptional academic performance, and early this year these were not sufficiently challenging. Now we’re having trouble getting him to do his home work and he seems basically uninterested in anything. I fear that if this continues for too long he’ll be dropped out of the honor roll classes and then really be bored with the curriculum.

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