I’ve been trying to figure out what to put online that might be useful enough or interesting enough to draw traffic without being porn. So I put into Google, “popular search terms”, and got a number of links to various resources that would show popular terms in various search engines.

The first non-sponsored link was to a page on searchenginewatch.com. On that page there was a link to the Lycos 50, the top 50 search terms entered into Lycos. The very first thing on the list of terms for the week ending December 16th was Britney Spears.

An article entitled, “They Shoot Pheasants Don’t They?”, kind of an odd title for an article, reminds me somehow of the phrase, “How do they hang horses?”, it explains her popularity being based upon reports of recent partying and being photographed without underwear.

I guess that explains it, I mean there aren’t too many pop star celebrities that party and get photographed without their underwear so I guess that makes her pretty special. Must be something else, inquiring minds want to know.

Further research turned up this website with Britney Spears images which really started to get down to the crux of the matter, a video of Britney Spears burping is the most viewed video on the Internet (I’m skeptical but that’s just me). I tried to find this video so that I too could experience the sheer joy of watching Britney burp on video but alas it was not to be. I did stumble across some of her pantiless photographs however, (really you see nothing but a flabby bum). I wonder if she had still been skinny if it would have raised such a heckle.

The second most popular term related to My Space, a social networking site where you can post a profile and a home page where basically anything that might be interesting is disallowed, and their deal with Cingular. Yep, that’s another one of cosmic importance. You know I dislike censorship and My Space started out pretty uncensored but it is no longer today. Also, I dislike sites where you can have a web presence but you aren’t permitted to hyperlink. That’s kind of the whole point of the web.

The third most popular term is Christmas. Well duh, we’re a week away, and I’m hardly ready, barely got any shopping done, mostly for lack of money, don’t have a tree yet, we need to go out and kill a tree for Christ. Assigned Raymond, the eldest of my two children that remain with us, the task of trying to piece together a few working strings from last years burn-outs.

Next on the list was RuneScape, described as a massive online 3D adventure game. Finally, fourth down the list and there is something I could get into. Signed up but got stuck with “Thenanook” because “Nanook”, “Nanookie”, and “Nookster” were all taken. Damn, got a hate that. After I put that in I realized instead of “The Nanook” that could also be read as “Then a Nook”, well not so bad, I like the ambiguity.

I’ve gone through the RuneScape tutorial, battled a ram, a goblin, finally another player killed me and I lost almost all my inventory. I can tell this is going to be an addiction. I’ll guess I’ll stop at #4.

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