Cool Music

I met Elke on MySpace. She goes by the handle Adults Are Obsolete Children and invited Tina and I to go watch her and her friends (Plane Site) make music at Mr. Spots Chai House in Seattle (Ballard).

Watch out for the driving instructions on Mr. Spots Chai Houses’s website, they’re wrong. It’s not 1.6 miles past 20th, it’s two blocks past. Market, Leary, and 22nd Ave NW come together at a common intersection.

Plane Sites’ Mariah Reed plays sitar and guitar, Jeff Kimes plays didgeridoo, both do volcals. Also doing vocals but not pictured here was a fellow with long red dreadlocks named Liam. Baca fellow with darker shorter dreadlocks also played drums as did Liam at times.

Before attending this performance, I couldn’t imagine how they would work together. As it happens, incredibly well, that and African drums and some very capable vocalists and some MIDI tracks.

The music was remarkable but as remarkable as it was, the energy of the people there really made the experience. Nothing like this have I experienced in decades.

If you get a chance to see Plane Site make music, do it!

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