Drink Your Radiation!

Read this article which tells about how they are putting radioactive pollutants into our drinking water supply.

What’s scary about this is that it’s real. I’ve known about the Potassium / Polonium connection for a long time. It is a significant contributor to smoking related cancer deaths that for some reason is never mentioned.

Tobacco rapidly depletes the soil of potassium. Artificial fertilizers which replace the lost potassium also have some polonium, a radioactive element, in them. Many of the lung cancers that result from smoking are the result of inhaling radioactive polonium.

This is a large part of the reason why you don’t see a statistical connection between pot smoking and cancer like you do with tobacco.

Well, now it gets worse. It turns out that pollution concentrate taken from scrubbers in Florida’s phosphate mine processing plants includes 19% fluorosilicic acid and is being used to fluoridate city water supplies because it is less expensive than sodium fluoride which was purchased from aluminum manufacturers and pulp mills. The fact that it contains polonium, radio active isotopes of lead and bismuth, radon, and other radioactive elements doesn’t seem to deter city officials from adding it to drinking water.

Read the above article for details. I’m in agreement with dentists that it’s good for our teeth but it’s not good for our bones, and the radioactive elements certainly are not good for us.

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