If you’ve got an inkjet printer then you’re probably familiar with ink being as expensive as the printer was.

I bought a Kodak ESP 3.2 because my old printers were all but dead, wouldn’t print decently, making things like routine correspondence all but impossible.  The printer was a whole of $69 at Walmart.

I bought it because another person I talked to said they were using a bunch of them in their business, they had been reliable, and the ink was cheap.

Well, they are a pain to get to talk but once you get them working they do work pretty well, but ink…  Kodak supplied enough to print about 50 sheets, then a new cartridge is $19, one-third the price of the printer.

So I went looking on-line and found a place called that carried aftermarket cartridges for a little over $5 a piece.  I ordered two.  I ordered for my specific printer model, but what came was #10 cartridges when my printer requires #30, even though I used their online tool and ordered by model.

I fired off a complaint to their customer service folks and received an automated reply telling me a ticket would be generated and I would get a response within 24 hours.  That was Friday, the response came Tuesday and the response was that I ordered online and they sent what I ordered (I ordered cartridges for an ESP 3.2 and that is NOT what I received).

Needless to say, their unwillingness to correct the order means I won’t be placing additional orders there.




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