Satan’s Lies

Satan lies not necessarily by telling us falsehoods, but sometimes by the omission of truth.

All of my life, I have experienced this phenomena, sometimes in dreams, sometimes waking, where I would live a portion of my future life, but only perhaps 15 seconds of it, though it was usually a seemingly important 15 seconds.

At some point in the future, that 15 seconds would then be re-lived as a part of my normal life and I would recognize it.

The problem, no context.  I would know absolutely some event or situation was going to happen, but I could only speculate on what lead up to it, or what it’s circumstances were.

I never knew where these came from.  Was God giving me a vision, was Satan?  Was it just a part of ordinary physics that most people are unaware of or not in tune with?

Now I think if these were of God, God would have provided an interpreter or else provided the necessary context for their interpretation.

And I suspect that if they were of Satan, they would not have been accurate, because Satan does not have the truth in him.

So instead I think the phenomena itself is just one of the nature of things.  I suspect what many people experience as “Deja Vu” is really the same thing only they do not remember the original dream or vision.

Where Satan gets involved with these is putting fear in my heart that then leads me to misinterpret these things, try to change them, which on several occasions has lead to a disastrous case of self-fulfilled prophesy.

The nature of God is that he is outside of time, and we perceive time as we do only because our nature is one that forces us to move through it.  But something about the nature of God’s creation seems to allow occasional glimpses and jumps, and of course God being outside of time sees it all, it simply is, everything that ever was, is, or will be, including all of our actions good or bad, is to God.

My challenge is to believe that God is good and not let the demons fill me with fear.  I’m having difficulty with that.  Significant difficulty, in fact I am terrorized right now. And this after my experience in prison and all that he brought me through.  I do not understand why I am still gripped with fear.

I realize many of you reading are perhaps of some other faith or perhaps none, and you may wonder, if my faith doesn’t take away this fear, why do I believe as I do?

God is not fallible, but I am. I have gone down the wrong path for many years, did a stint in prison as a result, and now trying to get and stay on the right one but it is not easy.

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