I awoke about 2:48AM out of a dream that involved a visit from a long dead cat which I had, Fred.  Fred was a long haired black beast that was very intelligent and seemed to connect to people, or at least me, very well.  He’s been gone for many years, more than a decade I think.

So here I am awake from a dream of relative comfort and into the reality of at the moment being alone, my wife is at work, one son that is still here jacked into his computer talking to some friend who knows where.  And my heads all stuffed up making it difficult to breath through my nose.

I tried to fall back to sleep but I could hear Raymond talking to his friend.  So I turned on the radio, only the talk show I usually listen to falling asleep is gone.  So I put on some music but the lyrics remind me of my mother and all the other people I’ve lost.

I prayed to God to make his presence known and felt to me, but I’m not feeling his presence just now.  That’s something about God I don’t understand, why sometimes you can feel his presence and sometimes not.

I wanted to talk to someone but at now well after 3AM not an option, wife won’t be home for another three hours.  So I took an Alka-Selzer Cold hoping it will unclog my sinuses and allow me to breath normally and get back to sleep and came in and wrote here, to whoever will read.

I guess I’m going to go back and try to sleep again, have to be functional in the day, lots of things to take care of right now.

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