I’m disturbed by the fact that our federal government is making international treaties that give away our states sovereignty .

With respect to marijuana, I have no personal interest in it being legal or not since I haven’t smoked it in 29 years, and when I did the illegal status of it at the time had no part in my decision.  I do however have a political interest in not having the laws in my state subject to the whims of international power moguls.

I am troubled that the US Justice Department is considering suing the states of Washington and Colorado because our liberal marijuana laws apparently violate some portion of an International Treaty and now the UN is demanding our justice department take action.

I would argue that our lawmakers on the national level had NO RIGHT to enter into a treaty that abridged state rights.  The combination of the Federal government basically throwing away the US Constitution, as they did with the Homeland Security Act and the USA Patriot Act, allowing things like wiretaps without a court order, indefinite detention of US citizens without a charge or any form of due process, these were bad enough, but now we have to turn over state sovereignty to the United Nations?  No Thanks!

There are, I will agree, certain things which affect the entire globe, and burning millions of tons of coal per year for power, or burning radioactive wastes so those radioactive isotopes are put into the atmosphere to effect the entire planet, as is happening now in Japan, or allowing huge amounts of farm wastes to run off into the ocean where they create huge dead zones, or BP to drill for oil using the cheapest casings they can which blow out and pollute hundreds of thousands of square miles of ocean, these things are rightly the subject of international treaties.

But whether or not a person can smoke a joint, or whether they can buy vitamins, these things are not legitimate subjects of international treaties and I would call upon anyone reading this to make it known to their legislators that this will not be tolerated.

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