Seals and Crofts – Diamond Girl

I have a vinyl copy but I wore it out and quit listening to it twenty years ago, but found this on You Tube and listened through.  This album makes me feel about every positive human emotion there is and very little negative.


Ruby Jean and Billie Lee is my favorite but the whole album is wonderful.

  1. Diamond Girl – 4:12
  2. Ruby Jean and Billie Lee – 4:09
  3. Intone My Servant – 3:04
  4. We May Never Pass This Way (Again) – 4:17
  5. Nine Houses – 7:00
  6. Standin’ on a Mountain Top (Seals) – 3:05
  7. It’s Gonna Come Down on You – 4:40
  8. Jessica – 2:56
  9. Dust on My Saddle (Seals, Seals) – 3:16
  10. Wisdom – 4:26

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