This crud, Obama Care, Mae

This stuff is still hanging on.  I stopped all the over the counter cold medications and that ended most of the neurological symptoms, i.e., skin on fire, things not really feeling right, etc, but the stuffy nose and sinuses and gross green gunk continue although the amount has been dropping off as the day has gone on.

I’m more than a little unhappy with the Washington State Health Planner website and people behind it.  I tried to sign up, couldn’t get it to complete.  Someone helped me and I was able to get it to save.  But then they said I needed to put in financial data, only I couldn’t find any place to do that, someone there said they’d call me back, twice, and didn’t, and now it’s the 15th and I’m pretty much screwed it would seem, all the while trying to struggle through this while sick.  Gotta love it.

And then there is the matter of Mae:

This dog was acquired by my wife and son, and I still don’t fully understand the agreement but my wife paid for it, but he pays for upkeep, while I was in prison.  I wasn’t real excited about this since I knew things would be financially tight, knew that I may or may not be able to hang on to the house and if not where would she go?  But I also knew my wife could use some companionship in my absence so I kind of folded.

Now I end up feeding her, watering her, letting her out most of the day because my wife will let her starve, dehydrate, or piss on the floor before she lets her out.  And one previous Doberman we had, Tia, chewed her paws until her knuckles were raw and bleeding, and according to the vet, this was because she was bored and apparently is a common bored Doberman trait.  The other day I caught Mae chewing her paws in the same way, hasn’t bloodied them yet but I don’t want it to come to that.

Since this is now our third Doberman my wife and son should have both been familiar with the breed.  They are a high energy dog that requires a lot of attention and unlike most breeds that start out this way as puppies, Dobermans are generally this way from birth until death.  I’m finding the whole situation frustrating, it’s not right for Mae, and my wife and Son both well into adulthood should not need my prompting to address the responsibility they obligated themselves to.

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