Back from Blogger Hell

     In case anyone wonders where this blog got it’s title…

     When I first started blogging, I used and ftp publishing to publish to my website.  When the evil empire, Google took over Blogger, they discontinued FTP publishing to force everyone to either publish under their domain or host their domain with Google, neither of which were acceptable options for me.  For months I didn’t publish any of my blogs.  Then someone came out with a conversion script that allowed you to import a blogger blog into WordPress.

     WordPress allowed me to host my own blogs and as it turned out was far more flexible than Blogger, and as I learned to use it, faster and easier to use than Blogger.  When I first ported my blogs over, I changed my personal catch-all blogs title to commemorate my new found freedom from Blogger.

      If you’d like to move your blog from Blogger to a WordPress blog here at Eskimo North, I’d be happy to assist you.  Please e-mail or call 206-812-0051.

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