Sci-Fi Terror Dream

     I awoke this morning out of a horrid dream.  It was a lot like the movie alien, where the creature comes out of the guy’s stomach, but in this dream it came out of a woman’s face.  It was bigger than the creature was when it emerged from the guy, this thing was just about the entire size of the inside of ones entire face.  And it was dark and slimy just like Alien.  I awoke just as it emerged, my wife moved to untangle herself from blankets and that woke me up.

     As it happens, I did watch some sci-fi just before going to sleep but it wasn’t Alien, it was This Island Earth which is one of my favorite old sci-fi films.  I was a real electronics junkie in my youth so I can identify well with the lead character and enjoy the whole film.  I would very much like to own an Interocitor, although I’d prefer one not prone to self-destruction.

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