Life’s Strange Twists

    Recently, I’ve been experiencing a great deal of synchronicity in my life, almost constant.  I’ve also recently started having precognitive dreams.  They have been just brief moments, maybe only a second or two, out of the future.

     For example, two nights ago I dreamed of seeing a creature come out of a man’s face like alien came out of the stomach of a person in the original film of the Alien series, Alien.  Last night I watched a movie called Prometheus and near the end of the film exactly that happened.  So I got a one second or so preview of that film a night before actually watching it.  Not very meaningful or useful, but it was exactly these sort of dreams that I had in my youth that lead to the whole creation of Eskimo North.

     Back in the time when CPUs were 2 Mhz or less, hard disk drives didn’t exist, modems were 300 baud, and my screen was black and white 16 lines of 64 characters and no graphical capability.  Back then, I had flashes where I saw computers with full motion color video, unthinkable with that days technology, audio, networked together.  I saw what was possible and started working towards that end.

     Up until about 25 these dreams were exceedingly common, became less so over the next ten years, and pretty much disappeared altogether by the time I was around 40 years old.  For a long time, I wondered if those dreams were somehow the result of marijuana that I used until I was 25, but I wasn’t willing to go back to the asthma, frequent bronchitis, and long lasting sinus infections that I also frequently suffered while using it to find out.

     However, now an age of 56, the precognitive dreams and synchronicity that was so much a regular part of my life are returning.  There were two aspects of my life back then that haven’t returned, frequent lucid dreams and occasional waking out of body experiences, as well as frequent Deja Vu experiences.

     I haven’t altered my life in any obvious significant way, I haven’t returned to the use of marijuana or hallucinogenic drugs.  I’ve continued to pray.  I have put a little more effort into regular meditation which I’d been neglecting somewhat, but I did that a lot through my time in prison and initially upon my release and wasn’t having these experiences then.  I’ve returned to it because I’ve felt stress levels building and a real dearth of energy and creativity that I very much wanted to overcome, and it has been helping to do that.

     I think perhaps one reason these things may be coming back to me is that previously, there was an aspect of these precognitive dreams that I misinterpreted and in so doing did some very negative things hurting other people and bringing about the very negative outcomes that I had seen, a negative circle of self-fulfilled prophesy.  I have come to understand however, that these are only potentials not absolutes and that I have some choice with respect to their actualization and that going into the future with fear tends to actualize the negative ones.

     The little poem at the end of Nights In White Satin by the Moody Blues, Cold Hearted Orb that rules the night, removes the colors from our sight.  Red is grey and yellow white, but we decide which is right and which is an illusion.  I think this is the same realization I have just recently come to.  The universe is mind stuff, it isn’t just happening and we observing, it isn’t just happening to us, we aren’t just changing it.  We are it, we are participants, we are happening.

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