God Can Use People of Any Faith

     About ten years before I went to prison, I used to be a person that was often up very late and as a result, slept in very late.

     At 9am every Saturday, Jehovahs’ Witnesses used to come to my door and I’d be forced to get up, slap something on and deal with them.

     One morning, really not in the mood for this I told them I was Buddhist to get them to go away.  And they did, for about ten years.  They came to my house the evening before I was to go turn myself in to King County and go to jail.

     What they witnessed to me was so entirely spot-on to my situation, including Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”, that I absolutely knew God had sent them and was using them for this verse had been given to me from every direction since the detectives first came to interview me.  It let me know all of what I was about to endure was part of God’s plan and answer to my prayer.

     I knew all of this was in answer to a prayer when I asked God, “Make my heart right”.  I’ll grant you that is still a work in progress and I believe will be until the day I leave this rock for good, but I can also say it’s a lot more right than it was before I said this prayer and this whole process started.

     In prison, I took a course on Mindfulness Meditation that was offered by a group of Buddhist volunteers that came into the prison.  These people weren’t Christians, yet, they were compassionate, non-judgemental, and above all loving individuals and that was at the center of everything they did.  And it’s ironic that they were able to help me in my life after I used them as an excuse to get rid of the Jehovas’ Witneses so many years earlier.

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