Tired, Beat Down

     Woke up at 3:50AM Friday, had a group to go to, but was late and only person that showed left before I got there.  So might as well have slept in.  Came back home and tried to sleep but couldn’t.

     There were many updates to apply to all the machines Friday, new kernels, ssh libs, other important stuff.  Was up until 2AM trying to get everything done but didn’t make it.

     Saturday morning, early afternoon, finished what I had started Friday night but the old eskimo.com shell server crashed within seconds of starting backups.  Drove down to the co-lo facility in 90°F stop and creep traffic in a car with a leaky heater core so was worried about over heating but made it there and back.

     Had dinner, Eskimo crashed again, made another trip.  This time took the compression off the backup and it went okay.  The machine has a marginal CPU module, task it too heavily and bad things happen.

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