Everything and Anything

     Something has got my nose doing the irritation drip.  It feels just like when we were getting the smoke from the BC fires except no haze in the air so it’s not that.  This is usually a between allergy seasons time for me but I guess not this year.

     Speaking of irritating.  A neighbor has some kind of hound dog, and it yelps incessantly for hours on end.  Barking I can handle, I’ve got a dog, she barks, that’s what dogs do.  But the yelp this thing makes sounds like it’s got one of it’s legs caught in a meat grinder.  And even though, on a logical level, I know that it is okay, that’s just the sound it makes (else it would have died by now), it still cranks up the anxiety because on an emotional level it registers as an animal in serious pain.

     It’s already exceeded the projected high for the day at 2:30pm.  But 75.9° is a bunch more comfortable than 100.4°.  Yes, I know other parts of the country have it much worse, but they’re equipped with air conditioning.  It didn’t get below 80° in the house, with all the doors and windows open and fans going, until well after midnight last night.

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