Dori Monson – Seattle

     Anybody that has listened to the Dori Monson show on KIRO lately has probably gotten the idea that Downtown Seattle makes The Bronks or East Los Angeles look peaceful and highly livable by contrast.

     As a 56 year resident of Seattle area, 25 years of it in Seattle, I’m really tired of hearing his diatribe.  Today he made the comment he feels safer walking in downtown Manhattan than Seattle.  Dori, if you’re out there, I invite you to MOVE TO MANHATTAN!  I for one will not miss you!

     I worked for 17 years in Seattle, most of it on 3rd Street between Union and Marion, and part of the time on Terry Ave and Steward Street.  Much of that time I got off at midnight and took the bus home.  The only time I’ve ever been assaulted was by a schizophrenic bag lady who punched me in the shoulder as we crossed the streets in opposite directions.

     Dori is all concerned about the evil marijuana smokers in the Westlake Mall area.  I’ve never seen anyone get violent from smoking marijuana.  A much greater threat is the drunks coming out of all the taverns in Pioneer Square.  Still if you leave them alone and don’t start an argument, it’s unlikely you’ll have any problems.

     Dori seems to want to turn Seattle into even more of a police state than it already is.  At the same time he doesn’t want to have to pay any taxes to pay for it all.  It seems to me mostly want he wants to do is get rich bitching about it.  Again, Dori, I invite you to move to Manhattan where you feel safer.  We’ll get alone just fine without you!

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