Dreams in Color

     I almost always remember color in my dreams, as in my two recent posts, one being about a mystical unreal Los Angeles with everything lit up colorfully, or the one in Alaska with prismatic clouds.

     I keep reading that most people dream in black and white.  I wonder if this is really true or if most people just don’t remember the color in their dreams?  I know I remember my dreams better than most.  It’s rare for a night to go by where I don’t wake up remembering at least two or three significant dreams.  That leads me to believe I just remember the color better than most as well.

     So how about you?  Do you dream in color or black-n-white, or do you remember?

     Or maybe I just like color.  When I used to photograph with film, I NEVER shot black-and-white film, and that’s not to say I don’t appreciate the tones and patterns in a black and white photograph but I think I am more intrinsically attracted to color, brilliant, saturated, or subtle.  Sometimes I can really enjoy subtle like the tones in faded old wood planks on an old building, or the subtle variations of color in a rock or the sky.  Or the more brilliant colors of fall tree leaves.

     I think it relates to my outlook on life.  There are few issues I see as black and white, my Democratic liberal friends accuse me of being a conservative Republican, my Republic friends accuse me of being a radical liberal, a threat to the American Way, and I guess surely I am, or would be if I could actually affect change, because invading other countries, stealing their resources, and killing and mangling their population is something I’m against and if I could change it I would, but my inability to do so thus far leads me to think I’m not a big threat, as much as I would like to be.

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