No Dreams

     Didn’t remember any dreams last night.  Was up from 4:45AM Friday until 1:15AM Saturday morning so was really tired, slept hard other than a 4AM bathroom break.

     Yesterday started off with a men’s church group I attend from 6AM-7AM, then came back and worked on a backlog of accounting work, then getting a newly rebuilt server (I7-2600 based system replaced with i7-6700k based system, old system Centos 6, new system Ubuntu 15.04).

     There was a lot to do.  First finding the sweet spots in terms of CPU core voltage, speed, and temperatures is a trick on the i7-6700k.  There is a narrow range of voltage where you can get the maximum speed without it overheating even with a massive cooler.  The primary problem with these chips is not carrying away heat transferred to the heat sink, it’s getting the heat to transfer to the heat sink.  These chips use a 14nm fabrication process so there is an extremely small but dense heat source.  The internal compound between the chip and the lid really is inadequate so that is a limitation that is not easily overcome.  Then the thickness and the type of compound to transfer heat from the lid to the heat sink is so critical.

     Anyway, best I could get stable (using three different mprime tests) was 4.4 Ghz on all cores, not quite as good as the previous machine.

     Then getting Ubuntu 15.04 configured.  Ubuntu 15.04 has much newer everything than Centos.  The VirtualManager and underlying Qemu/KVM capabilities are much more advanced, and the kernel is much better than the antique 2.6.32 kernel used on Centos 6.

     I opted to go with Ubuntu instead of Centos7 both because Ubuntu is much better at staying current, has in service upgrades that work most of the time instead of requiring a full re-install, and because they are more likely to actually test an upgrade before kicking it out, something that has become a problem with CentOS since RedHat took it over.

     So I spent the morning and afternoon doing that.  Then when my wife was alive, we went out grocery shopping.  Coming back I was already tired, suffering bad road hypnosis on the way back and really worried about my ability to get to the co-lo and get the work I needed to get done.

     I ingested mass quantities of caffeine in the form of cans of diet coke.  Took the server and new shelf down and the installation went relatively smoothly except Isomedia had not made the second jack live so we could get off the flaky data jack, so that’s still an open ticket.

     Stopped at at Purple Dot on the way back and got some hot-and-sour soup.  I like theirs the best of any place I’ve ever been.  The place isn’t what it was under the original ownership but still good food.

     Managed to get back without passing out while driving.  The caffeine lasted long enough.  But once I was out, I was out.

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