Server Nightmares

     It is rare that I dream of technical issues but this morning I had a dream where the case fan had failed on our main server and the temperature sensors were saying it was like 1000°F but I knew that was impossible because at that temperature the CPU would be slag.

     However, the core temperatures on the CPU was only around 200°F which while too hot and will cause them to throttle, isn’t hot enough to turn them into slag.

     So the delimma was, “do I let it run in crippled mode, or do I shut it down until I can get a replacement fan.”

     The reality is our servers have multiple case fans and the case is pretty much at ambient so the failure of one fan would not be catastrophic and fans are readily available at Fry’s, etc, so not that big of a deal.  But it sure seemed like a catastrophe in the dream.

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