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     Stomach and intestinal discomfort again last night which has been a frequent experience since the course of Doxycycline.

     And with those have come disoriented strange nightmares again.  Between 1978 and 1995, I worked for Pacific Northwest Bell / US West / Qwest (now eaten by CenturyLink).  I’ve been gone from that company for twenty years, still it haunts me.

     In downtown Seattle, they had three buildings, 1101 Forth Avenue (now a Hotel), 1122 Third Avenue (this used to be known as “Main” and housed much of the central office equipment for the downtown area), and 1200 Third Avenue (which I believe is now some sort of retail complex).

     The three buildings were connected by underground tunnels.  Inside the tunnels there were cables on the wall connecting equipment in one building to another.

     The tunnels also had some mysterious doors my key did not open.  Early on I had a key that would open any central office doors and most other things but not these.  I later found out one of them was to the battery room for part of the complex, which was odd, as I had access to the power room of every other central office.  Another lead down to the train tunnel that goes under Seattle.

     But there were others that remained a mystery.  Some of the old timers told me there was a nuclear reactor run by the military down there but I think they were just messing with me.  There may well have been some military installation as many military circuits ran through the facility and the train tunnel provided a perfect supply route that allowed loading and unloading of cargo totally incognito.

     Anyway, in this dream, I was back at the telephone company but when I went into one building and then attempted to use a tunnel to get to another, everything had been re-routed and I came up in strange buildings that were unfamiliar, they had ground level entrances onto streets that were unfamiliar, and I was totally lost and disoriented.  And oddly in downtown Seattle it seemed completely devoid of humans that could assist.

     It was almost as if I went down into the tunnels in one reality and came back out in some parallel but very different reality.

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