Future Dream

     Had a dream placed in the future near where I live.

     In the present, they will be building a light rail station to be completed in 2023.  The downside to this is that they are rezoning the neighborhood to become urban slums.

     Some years ago, our wonderful city council turned a 4-lane 185th street into a two-lane with turn lanes and bike lanes.  They reduced the speed limit from 35 to 30.  The combined total of these changes was to significantly increase traffic congestion during peak hours.

     They’re building a light rail station at 185th and I-5, this will no doubt increase traffic significantly as well the six story apartment buildings with no parking on an already overloaded road.

     In the dream I had, this light rail station turned into something more and the surrounding community turned into something different as well.  Instead of just one north-south route, in this dream there were a dozen or so different trains going to different surrounding communities.

     I like trains, if they’re not overcrowded and you can actually sit and relax to your destination.  I have a hunch though that these will be overcrowded since economics favor stuffing as many bodies in a box as well fit under pressure.

     I used to really enjoy driving when I was younger.  Now with all the SUVs and the morons that usually drive them hogging the road, not so much anymore.  Trains would be okay.  But apartments and I wouldn’t get along well, I’m too noisy.  And apartments tend to be incompatible with large dogs.  I lived in one for eight years, I hope I don’t have to return to that style of living.  It was not fun.

     Maybe not so bad if trains are cheap and I can travel willy nilly just for fun.

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