I’ve spent some time looking at anatomy photos and where this pain is isn’t anywhere near where my colon is, more where intestines might be affected if an Inguinal Indireta hernia existed.  This is about an inch above where I had a strep-B infection and surgery for same.

     Since strep-B is part of gut bacteria in about 25% of people, I’m wondering if either I might have a hernia here and that is what allowed the bacteria to migrate to this region or the infection has just spread to this region making it tender.

     At any rate, I’ve created some visuals visually documenting where the pain occurs, and hopefully a more accurate description will lead to some kind of diagnosis or at least more rational testing when I go to see the doctor.

     This has been bothering me on and off for more than four years.  My thinking is if it were a tumor I’d most likely be dead by now.

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