Nerve Pain

     Doctor put me on gabapentin.  Pharmacist said it would take several days to take effect but I got immediate relief.  Went from a sensation of having lighter fluid poured all over my abdomen, groin, and lower back and set on fire, to just a minor sting at the incision site.  That I can live with until things heal.

     I got a decent nights sleep for the first time in a long time last night.  I felt a little groggier upon waking and a little hungrier than normal, but otherwise no noticeable side effects.  Certainly no desire to kill myself which I guess is one potential side effect.

    I thought it interesting that my pain ended, around 9pm, on Good Friday, about the same time Jesus’s much greater pain ended with his death on the cross.  My pain was very minor by contrast and probably well deserved.

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