Awoke to Pain

     Pain woke me up about 3:15AM this morning.  Got up for a few, found that Comcrap cable Internet was down, again.  To early for gabapentin.  Smoked some Cascade Gnome and went back to bed.  Don’t have to worry much about functionality when I’m trying to sleep.

     Went back to bed and woke up again 5:15AM, again in pain.  Comcrap had fixed the cable.  Called them up and demanded a credit.  They credited my account a whole of $6.  The way I see it, the only way they’re going to invest in enough redundancy to not be down more than their up is if it costs them more in credits resulting from an outage than it would to invest in the necessary redundancy.

     Since it was close to gabapentin time I decided to sit on the computer for a bit, that and call Comcast and ask for credit, before taking gabapentin then try to sleep again.

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