1st 58th Trip Around the Sun Dreams

     My days sleep, and it was that as I didn’t totally give up on getting a mail server back online until 6:30AM at which point I gave up and tried to sleep.  However missing the Lyrica dosage on time the night before lead to a painful time so sleeping was difficult.

     When I finally did get to sleep my sleep was rich with many dreams.  I dreamt of swimming in a large very clean lake.  It was crystal clear.  Part of the Lake went under a bridge and on the other side of the bridge there was a chain link fence that fenced it off and a building at one end that part of the lake seemed to go under.

     I walked around the fence on land and there was a big hill covered with bushes.  They were thick and there were also blackberry thorns interwoven with other vegetation.

     By this time I was joined by half a dozen other men and women and we climbed up a steep hill and fought our way through these bushes.  At the top of the hill there was a clearing and in the clearing a very old house.  There was no driveway or walkway to the house, it was totally surrounded by all of these bushes as if it were intentionally cut off and camouflaged.

     Inside the house there was a stack of strange electronics.  We each took an item and intended to take back with us for further examination.  I thought this must either be some secret military thing or an alien post of some sort.

     We were back in the woods and now I and others were armed with rifles.  I shot and killed a young buck.  Others patted me on the back and were like you’re the man.  But I didn’t feel like a man, I felt terrible for taking it’s life.  I did not need it’s life for me nourishment.  I didn’t even really like deer meat.  But I was determined to bring it back so that others might enjoy it since I had killed it.  To leave it there to rot would dishonor it’s spirit.

     There was more but like dreams often do the rest has evaporated.


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