Weird Dream

     Had a strange dream where I seemed to be in kind of an alternate but related reality.

     In the dream I was still running an Internet service although the technology was somewhat different than what we have.

     My sister was actually nice to me.  Her occupation was different.  In real life, the last time I talked with her she was a nurse, but in this alternate reality her function was that of a hair dresser and she had some unique fashion ideas.  This is totally different than my sister who is usually in the middle of the middle.  She would not stick her neck out on an unproven and unpopular style, but in this dream she did.

     My office, instead of being in a spare bedroom in my house, was in this weird basement cubby hole, but it was finished, not like basement in real life.

     In the dream I knew I wasn’t awake but I was trying to be but I had a very hard time exiting this dream and coming into waking reality.

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