[Wrestling Weekend XIX, July 17-19, 2015]

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It's Back! Hillside Wrestling Weekend XIX will be held July 17-19, 2015. Click here for online registration.


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Excerpts from Hillside 2011 photos (click here for the rest!):

T7243297.JPG T7243298.JPG T7243286.JPG T7243284.JPG T7233254.JPG
T7233259.JPG T7233262.JPG T7233242.JPG T7233225.JPG T7233217.JPG
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Upper Site 60 in 1998 before the raspberry bushes took over:
   Site 60 in 1998

Click here for 16 years of pictures and narratives from the 1996 through 2011 Wrestling Weekends.

Hillside Wrestling Weekend
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February 6, 2012: Bob and Andy have announced that they will not be hosting Hillside for 2012.
November 6, 2014: Due to a change in management at Hillside, we (Nick and Cliff) are looking into restarting the Wrestling Weekend in the summer of 2015, perhaps the third week of July.
March 18, 2015: Hillside Campgrounds confirmed that the weekend of July 17-19, 2015 is available and they are excited about hosting Hillside Wrestling Weekend again. Check back soon for the online registration page and roster with stats. :)
Further information and updates will be posted here when available.
April 22, 2015: Online registration is now up and running. In order to get the camp discount for this event, which requires pre-registration, you must register through this site, rather than making separate reservations with the campground.

Please email me for further information and details if you are interested.
Click on any of the above links to see the hundreds of pictures from Hillside 2011 and from prior years.

Hillside Campgrounds

Check out the Hillside Campgrounds Website (please note the "s" in "campgrounds") for general information on Hillside, not just Wrestling Weekend. Note: registration for Wrestling Weekend will be done online via this website, no need for postal mail, and I'll be linking it to a roster so you can see who's going and their stats (42 wrestlers have said they want to go, as of March 19, 2015). For other Hillside events, contact the campground directly through the camp's website. If you plan to camp on your own campsite away from site #60, you can reserve directly through the campground, but in this event, please let me know in advance that you plan to wrestle.

Turnouts for Hillside Wrestling Weekends:
graph of Hillside turnout 1994-2011

1994 (I)     44
1995 (II)   ~77
1996 (III)   77
1997 (IV)   122
1998 (V)    105
1999 (VI)   143
2000 (VII)  155
2001 (VIII) 145
2002 (IX)  ~150
2003 (X)   ~110
2004 (XI)   124
2005 (XII)  116
2006 (XIII) 110
2007 (XIV)  110
2008 (XV)    80
2009 (XVI)   74
2010 (XVII)  75
2011 (XVIII) 55
2015 (XIX)  TBA


T7220556.JPG T7220558.JPG T7220555.JPG

Hillside Wrestling Weekend XIX (2015) Information


Advance online registration is now required, and is accepted starting April 22, 2015; wrestlers who were at Hillside in 2011, and those who have since asked to be notified by email of the start of registration will be emailed. If you have any problem with the online registration let me know. We are not doing it by snail mail any longer.
Hillside Wrestling Weekend is the biggest and longest-running of all the various national Wrestling Weekends. It was held every year from 1994 to 2011, but was not held in 2012-2014. The wrestling weekends draw large turnouts from all over the USA, Mexico, Canada and Europe, and the wrestling group camaraderie and interaction is great! There will be mat areas for different styles of wrestling, and also a pro ring. This is the nineteenth Hillside Wrestling Weekend and it should be bigger and better than ever.

To accomodate wrestlers traveling a long distance and to permit more wrestling time, wrestlers are invited to arrive as early as Wednesday, July 15, 2015. The basic registration fee as noted below covers Friday evening through Sunday, as in past years. For those arriving on Wednesday or Thursday there will be a small additional camping ($15/night) and meal (about $9-19/day prorated; see below for details) fee (TBA). Please note your arrival date and any special meal needs on the space provided on the registration form.
Volunteers are needed for setup on Tuesday, July 14, 2015, and for breakdown on Monday, July 20, 2015. Please contact Nick.
Hillside is a 235+ acre campground for men located in the Endless Mountains region of Pennsylvania, just off PA Route 848 in Gibson near I-81 at Exit 219 (prior to 2001 it was Exit 66). This is between Scranton, PA and Binghamton, NY.
For those traveling by air, the nearest airport is the Wilkes-Barre-Scranton International Airport served by U.S. Airways, Continental, United Express and Delta Commair. Click here for the airport website with further information, directions, etc. Rides are available from this airport to camp; please indicate if you need a ride or would like to help. Binghamton, NY also has a domestic airport which some wrestlers used in 2002; their website is www.binghamtonairport.com. There's also the Lehigh Valley international airport in Allentown, PA whose website is www.lvia.org.
Other major airports within 3 hours travel time are Kennedy (JFK), LaGuardia, Newark and Philadelphia International Airports. Rental cars are available at all airports. Bus lines such as Greyhound and Short Line also serve Scranton and Binghamton. Rail travel is also possible, but the nearest Amtrak stop is 60 miles away, in Syracuse, NY, so this would require another means of getting to Hillside from there. If you need transportation from Scranton to the camp, let us know.
Wrestling takes place on group campsite #60 on regulation mats. Wrestlers can camp in their own tent on site #60. For those without a tent, limited space is available to sleep on the main mats under the big tent after wrestling is concluded. There may be a few tents available on a first-come-first-served basis. You should bring your own air mattress (if needed), sleeping bag and pillow. Dogs and other pets are not allowed on site #60.
Wrestlers staying on site #60 will also receive the catered meal package Friday evening through Sunday Brunch ending at 1PM. Wrestlers who arrive early will be charged extra for meals through Friday lunch (see details below). Other private campsites, RV and cabin rentals are available to those wrestlers who prefer to camp in private and do their own cooking. If you camp on a private site, you may still elect to participate in the catered meal package if space is available.
The total cost of camping on site #60 for the weekend is $190.00* which includes the camp fee, membership fee, meal package (Friday evening through Sunday Brunch), use of the big tent, mats, first aid supplies and a wrestling t-shirt. Each year's shirt has a new design, and some previous years' shirts may be available. Please note that the camp increased their fees in 2011: for early arrivals, the camp will charge $15 per night for Wednesday and Thursday, upon your arrival at the camp office. There is no extra charge if your arrival is on or after Friday evening.
*The cost of early (prior to Friday dinner) meals is TBA but should be the same or similar to the previous amounts, $4 for breakfast, $5 for lunch & $12 for dinner, but we're looking to get a lower price at this time.
Based on previous years' experience, it is strongly recommended that all wrestlers camp on site #60, the group campsite. The wrestling group camaraderie and interaction is great. Wrestlers from all over the USA, Canada and Europe will be there. While there are some delis and motels within 15 miles of the campsite, such as the Holiday Inn Express, I don't recommend that, as you lose out on the unique experience of being at Hillside; the camaraderie and wrestling, the other campers, the special events, and so on. The food at camp is cooked specially for us wrestlers and is all-you-can-eat). Please note any special dietary (e.g. medical) needs on the registration form).
In addition to wrestling, activities available include swimming, volleyball, hiking, and evening campfire and disco. Cyclists and runners can get a great workout on the on- and off-site triple-chainring mountainous terrain. The camp is in a valley around 1350-1500 feet and most nearby roads lead to the passes at 1800-2000 feet.
The climate is mountainous, more so than one would think from the relatively low altitude. Days are usually warm, with much cooler nights, sometimes with significant variations from mountain to mountain. However, the nights were very warm during the 2006 and 2007 wrestling weekends, and mild since. 2011 had especially warm nights, sometimes not dropping below 70. But take a jacket or sweatshirt just in case. As this is a very popular weekend, you should register early while there's still space. Cancellations received by July 3, 2015 will receive a full refund.
No liquor or beer is sold at Hillside. BYOB. Wrestlers must be 21 years of age or older to enter camp. See you on the mats!

The author of this web page has been to Hillside Wrestling Weekends in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. It just gets better every year. More wrestling information (clubs, resources, pictures, etc.) can be found on my Wrestling Page and on the Palaestra. Any other cyclists who might want to coordinate travel plans between the Greater New York City/New Jersey/Eastern Pennsylvania area and Hillside are welcome to e-mail me.


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